San Antonio Assassin Got Married After Executing Detective Marconi

Otis McKane spoke to the media about his motive for assassinating a hero.

Otis McKane spoke to the media about his motive for assassinating a hero.

Otis McKane Got Married In San Antonio After Murdering Hero

San Antonio, Texas – Otis McKane, the killer who assassinated Detective Benjamin Marconi as he sat in his patrol car, got married right after murdering the hero.

Otis McKane went with his now-wife, Christian Chanel Fields, 27, to the Bexar County Courthouse first-thing in the morning the day after he murdered Detective Marconi. A judge conducted the ceremony and a marriage certificate was issued to the couple.

There has been speculation that Otis McKane got married to prevent his wife from being called as a witness against him, but there is a 72 hour waiting period on marriage licenses, which means that the couple had to apply for a license prior to the hero’s murder.

Otis McKane was arrested for the murder of Detective Benjamin Marconi just hours after McKane was married. Detective Marconi was outside of the San Antonio Police headquarters on a traffic stop writing a ticket. A black car pulled up behind Detective Marconi without him noticing. Otis McKane got out of the black car, walked up to the driver’s side window, and shot Detective Marconi in the side of the head. The assassin then leaned into the police car and fired another shot into the detective’s head.

Police arrested Otis McKane at around 4:45 on Monday when officers conducted a felony stop on his vehicle. There was a woman and a 2-year-old child in the vehicle with McKane at the time he was stopped. Officers were able to take him into custody without further incident.

The assassin is now facing charges of capital murder which has a mandatory sentence of either the death penalty, or life in prison without parole.

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