Police Officer Is Insulted By Romanelli’s Garden Cafe Employee; Owner Responds By Channeling Trump

The owner of Romanelli's Garden Cafe immediately fired an employee who disrespected a police officer.

The owner of Romanelli’s Garden Cafe immediately fired an employee who disrespected a police officer.

Romanelli’s Garden Cafe Terminates Employee Who Insulted Cops

Galloway, NJ –  The owner of New Jersey restaurant, Romanelli’s Garden Cafe, stepped up immediately when a police officer was disrespected while eating at his restaurant.

The receipt given to the unidentified police officer was posted to social media after the incident, according to NBC Philadelphia.  On it were written the words, “cops,” “pigs,” and “puercos!!!”  ‘Puercos’ is Spanish for pigs.  A two-letter abbreviation is at the top of the receipt, and looks like an abbreviation for the employee’s name.

In response to the social media post, the restaurant’s owner, Drew Huggard, made it clear that he supports law enforcement:

“I wanted to reach to everyone and apologize about an earlier post about a receipt that was handed over to police officer. I find this very gross and disrespectful. We have reprimanded the employees involved.

We support our local police department and all forms of law enforcement. I am the owner I have grown up in this town and I have always relied on the local police dept. to keep my self and my family and friends safe.

I would appreciate it you could understand our frustrating situation. We would like to just let let everyone know we do not condone this type of behavior here. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me Drew Huggard.”

Huggard then clarified that the responsible employee had been fired. He went on to say:

“My closest and best friends and family are on the force and I would never disrespect them in my life they deserve the world and that is what we try to give them at Romanellis. I again I can not state how upset I am at some of these actions.”

Thank you, Mr. Huggard, for your support and rapid response. Unfortunately, the initial post went viral without the owner’s response. Please help spread that word that this is the proper way to handle employees who disrespect the police and that Romanelli’s Garden Cafe backs law enforcement.