VIDEO: Rodney Hess Livestreams Traffic Stop As Officer Fatally Shoot Him

The Rodney Hess shooting video from his livestream.

The Rodney Hess shooting video from his livestream.

Rodney Hess Shooting Video

Alamo, Tennessee – Louisiana man, Rodney Hess, livestreamed a traffic stop where officers fatally shot him.

At around 2:15 PM on Thursday, officers contacted Rodney Hess, 36, after he had been reported for blocking the exit ramp for Highway 412 and Highway 88 in Alamo.

After the first officer contacted Hess, he called for backup. Hess was making erratic statements and refusing to comply with officers.

While speaking with officers, Hess said that he wants to speak with the “higher commands.”

Rodney Hess then leaned to his side and quickly accelerated in reverse before shots ring out. At least one officer fired to prevent Hess from running them over.

Hess continued to drive away before his car stopped and officers placed him into custody. He was airlifted to a hospital where he died.

Not many details of the shooting have been released, but Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has said that Hess has tried to hit officers with his car “at least twice.”

Another 20-minute video taken before the shooting shows even more erratic behavior by Hess as he talks to himself about the CIA while driving his car into the middle of a highway to block the road.

Hess’s erratic behavior left many to speculate that he was on drugs, but Rodney Hess’s family said that he had a long history of mental illness.

You can see the video of the shooting here: