NFL Star Roddy White Claims He Was In Fear For His Life When He Got Pulled Over

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NFL Star Roddy White Claims He Was In Fear For His Life When He Got Pulled Over

Dekalb County, Gerogia – Former NFL player Roddy White Tweeted Wednesday about how he feared for his life during a traffic stop because the officer had his hand over his gun.

On Wednesday, former Atlanta Falcon player Roddy White was pulled over by police in Dekalb County, Ga. The officer approached White’s vehicle with his hand over his service pistol which lead to a series of tweets from White about how scared he was for his life:


One of White’s initial texts, followed by the voice of reason.

White goes on to say that he is going to report the officer because “it may save the next black mans life”

It doesn’t end there though, he also tweets this little nugget of intelligence


It’s cops like him that don’t want to be caught off guard in case the person he stopped reacts violently.

Here’s how ironic this whole story is, as I’m reading this on the Houston 2 News website, these are the suggested stories beside their article on White’s traffic stop:


“Chicago police arrest suspect in dismembered toddler case”

“Anchorage police officer ‘ambushed’ in shooting”

“Utah Police officer killed”

There you have it Mr. White. Police deal with horrible things and get shot at pretty damned often, so the officer was just being cautious. He isn’t “making this world an ugly place”. He’s making his community a better place by protecting and serving while earning a tiny fraction of whatever you earned catching footballs.

Police officer ambushes and deaths by gunfire are at an all time high right now. The officer’s actions are common practice on traffic stops, regardless of the driver’s skin color, and nobody else is whining about it.

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