Robert Handmaker Restaurant Owner Who Said Employees Spit In Officers’ Food Was Arrested In Bizarre Prostitution Case

Cruiser's Grill owner Robert Handmaker was arrested in a prostitution sting.

Cruiser’s Grill owner Robert Handmaker was arrested in a prostitution sting.

Robert Handmaker, Cruiser’s Grill Owner, Has Arrest History

Jacksonville, FL – Robert Handmaker recently disclosed to police officers that his employees spit in their food. It turns out, that Handmaker was previously arrested in a prostitution sting.

The Florida Times-Union reported in 2007 that Robert Handmaker, owner of Cruiser’s Grill, was arrested after responding to a prostitution ad put up in a sting operation. Handmaker reportedly offered an undercover officer $75 to put on a pair of underwear that he brought with him and masturbate.

Robert Handmaker told Times-Union at the time that he had responded to the Craigslist ad, but that he did not solicit anyone for sex. At the time of this writing, we were unable to confirm if Handmaker was convicted.

Handmaker also responded to the incident about spitting in officers’ food by denying that it ever happened.

In a recently released police report, Jacksonville Beach Police Officers reported that they responded to Cruiser’s Grill at 23rd Ave. South in Jacksonville Beach for a false fire alarm.  While they were there, the owner, Robert Handmaker, asked if he could speak to them in his office.  They went to his office with him and he showed them a traffic citation.  Handmaker told the Officers that he was stopped by an Officer for an Expired Registration.

Action News reports that Handmaker told the officers, “I explained who I was and he didn’t seem to care”. He said that he told the officer that gave him a ticket that he has been a “staple” in the Jacksonville Beach community for years, and that he had been offering discounts to public servants.  One of the Officers told Handmaker that he couldn’t resolve his complaint, but would inform a supervisor, and Handmaker cursed at him.

He then told the Officers that “I have been made aware for quite some time now that some of my employees have been spitting in officers food and now I know why, because you are all bullies.”

The officers said that Handmaker cursed at them again, and said “have a great day, (expletive)” as they left the business.

After we reported on the story, Robert Handmaker released a statement saying that he was disappointed about the “false rumors” being spread by the Police Department, including the Chief who went out a memo warning officers about the incident. Handmaker claims that there is no factual basis to any claims that Cruiser’s Grill does not support law enforcement.

Ironically, Handmaker’s statement claiming support for the police is essentially calling Jacksonville Beach Police Chief Patrick Dooley and his officers a bunch of liars.

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