Police Under Attack In DC As Rioting Breaks Out

Inauguration Day riots

Inauguration Day riots

Riots On Inauguration Day w/Video

Washington, DC – As newly elected President Donald Trump was taking the oath of office today, Friday, January 20, 2017, violent riots broke out nearby.

According to NBC News, the protests escalated into riots Friday morning after a night of violence in the Capitol city.  On Thursday night, January 19, 2017, police were in riot gear and pepper spray was used to disperse protesters.

As the Inauguration began on Friday morning, violence erupted in downtown Washington when rioters threw rocks at glass storefronts, including a Starbucks and a Bank of America, and held tightly to hammers and bricks. In some shots, you can see the anarchists throw objects and take swings at officers with objects.

Staff Sgt. Mark Stephenson, D.C. Army National Guard, said rioters threw bricks at Police Officers’ vehicles. Other rioters tossed trash cans and spray painted a white truck.  A freelance journalist estimated the crowd to be over 100 people and said many were dressed in black, wearing hoods and masks.  The journalist, Johnny Silvercloud, said that he saw one rioter “pushing a cop” and a man who wasn’t involved, who had been knocked to the ground by protesters.  Paramedics rushed to treat the victim and he was bleeding from the back of his head as they loaded him onto a stretcher.

Multiple Metropolitan Police Department Officers have been injured during Friday morning’s riots and are being treated at a local hospital.  Their condition is not known but their injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.  Ticket-holders to the events at the Capitol struggled to get through the crowds of rioters, who locked hands at one checkpoint and tripped a couple who obviously supported President Trump.  They chanted and carried signs that attacked President Trump.  Some rioters yelled “Not my president,” “No Islamophobia” and “Black Lives Matter.”

At one point, officers were able to swarm some of the rioters and push them up against a building to hold them to be arrested, as the rest of their group yelled at the police:

Our thoughts and prayers are with all Officers who are protecting Washington, DC, and to those who were injured Friday morning.

UPDATE: The situation is escalating, with more officers hurt. Click HERE for the update.

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