Two Suspects Attack Florida Trooper, Retired RI Cop Jeffery Duclos Jumps In To Help

A Florida State Trooper didn't have to fight alone when to men attacked him. Retired Trooper Jeffery Duclos jumped in to help.

A Florida State Trooper didn’t have to fight alone when to men attacked him. Retired RI Cop Jeffery Duclos jumped in to help.

When Attacked, A Florida Trooper Was Helped By Retired Rhode Island Cop Jeffery Duclos

Collier County, FL –  When two suspects attacked a Florida State Trooper, a retired Cranston, Rhode Island Police Officer stopped to help.

The Florida State Trooper, whose name has not been released, had stopped a vehicle earlier this week in on I-75 in Collier County for speeding over 100 mph.  He said that he observed the driver of the vehicle, later identified as Richard Lazo Torres, switch places with the passenger, Issac Ruiz Wilson. It was later determined that Lazo Torres didn’t have a valid driver’s license and that it was suspended.

Both men in the vehicle became hostile toward the Florida State Trooper shortly after the stop, and began to resist arrest.  A retired Cranston, Rhode Island Police Officer, Jeffery Duclos, was driving by, and saw the trooper wrestle one man to the ground.  He immediately stopped to assist the trooper despite the busy highway and developing situation, and later said that he didn’t hesitate when he saw the trooper on the ground.  He said that his training and 30 years of experience of a law enforcement officer kicked in.

Jeffery Duclos said that one suspect stopped resisting when he approached the trooper, but that the other suspect continued fighting.  He then assisted the trooper with taking the second suspect into custody.  Both suspects were later charged with resisting arrest and other charges. Jeffery Duclos said that “I think more people ought to be prepared to help,” and that he knew it could have been worse if the trooper had not made it home that night.

This is the second time this month that a Good Samaritan has stopped to help a Florida law enforcement officer who was involved in a physical confrontation with a suspect.  On November 14, Lee County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Dean Bardes, was assisting the Florida Highway Patrol in investigating a traffic accident on I-75.  During the accident investigation, Deputy Bardes was passed on the median by a vehicle which was being driven at speeds at over 100 mph.

Deputy Bardes began pursuing the driver who soon stopped, got out of his vehicle, and began fighting Deputy Bardes. The deputy later said that he observed upon approaching the stopped vehicle that the suspect was armed with a handgun.  A Good Samaritan who had a valid concealed carry permit saw the suspect fighting with the trooper, stopped, and told the suspect he would shoot him if he didn’t stop beating Deputy Bardes.  The suspect refused to comply and this Good Samaritan shot the suspect three times.  The suspect later died.  The names of the Good Samaritan and the Lee County deputy have not been released.

We thank both retired Officer Jeffery Duclos and the Good Samaritan for their heroic actions in assisting law enforcement officers.

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