Rapper Tru Keezy Stages Bank Robbery In Front Of Bank For Rap Video

Texas Rapper Tru Keezy staged a fake bank robbery for a rap video.

Texas Rapper Tru Keezy staged a fake bank robbery for a rap video.

Lake Jackson Rapper Tru Keezy Staged A Fake Bank Robbery For A Rap Video

Lake Jackson, TX – On January 1, 2017 rapper Tru Keezy and his musical partner Yung Groovey decided it would be a great idea to stage a bank robbery, and record it on video so they could use it in a rap music video.

At around 1:45 PM Rapper Tru Keezy and Young Groovey armed themselves with semi-automatic handguns and shotguns, before rushing into the parking lot of the TDECU Credit Union located at located at the 1000 block of Farm to Market 2004 in Lake Jackson, Texas.

Witnesses, alarmed at what they were seeing, naturally called the police. Witnesses reported seeing four men, dressed in all black wearing masks, jump out of a box truck that pulled in front of the TDECU Credit Union in Lake Jackson. Rapper Tru Keezy and his posse were even seen carrying bags of money (later determined to be fake money) as they scurried around the outside of the bank.

Naturally, the bank called police, and the Lake Jackson authorities responded to a report of bank robbery in progress. Lake Jackson Police, being the heroes that they are, arrived with guns drawn and engaged Keezy and his musical partners.

Tru Keezy and Young Groovey quickly explained to the police that they were shooting a music video and the Glock 17’s and 12 gauge shotguns were unloaded. It was also determined that the bags of money were just props for the music video.

The Lake Jackson Police Department officers were patient and listened to this absurd, and ill-advised idea by Tru Keezy and Yung Groovey. Police said no charges were filed against Tru Keezy and his cohorts.

Tru Keezy admittedly said, “It was a bad idea, with a good reason.” We’re all still trying to figure out what “the good reason” is that Tru Keezy was referring to when he said that. Tru Keezy and his rapper friends expressed gratitude to the police for not charging them with any crime and not shooting them.

Tru Keezy is a rapper from Angleton, Texas and has an album called “Nothin’ 2 Sumthin.” The music video for the song “Go Out And Get It” flashes images of large sums of cash, sports cars and Tru Keezy bouncing around waving a black semi-automatic hand gun while using racial slurs, and calling women “bitches.” At one point a simulated drug transaction occurs. Tru Keezy is seen being handed clear bag containing what is supposed to be a large amount of cocaine after he handed over a wad of cash to a man portraying himself as a drug king pin in a trailer park.

The video contains explicit language, but you can view the unedited version below.

Doesn’t this type of rap video and music send a message to young black youth to “Go Out And Get It” by way of committing bank robberies, and selling drugs? Sure it does. So, why then don’t organizations like Black Lives Matter and the ACLU organize efforts to protest and stop the portrayal of black men in stereotypical situations that reflect them as being violent, drug-dealing felons that rob banks? Perhaps that doesn’t serve their misguided pursuit of pushing the false-narrative that police are all racist killers? I’ll let you guys be the judge of that.

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