Rapper Lil Wayne’s Honesty Blasts The Black Lives Matter Narrative

Lil Wayne blasts Black Lives Matter's narrative on ubiquitous racism.

Lil Wayne blasts Black Lives Matter’s narrative on ubiquitous racism.

Rapper Lil Wayne’s Honesty Blasts The Black Lives Matter Narrative

Rapper Lil Wayne was recently on sports debate show Undisputed where he unexpectedly dropped a bombshell that blew up the false narrative of Black Lives Matter.

When asked about Colin Kaepernick, Lil Wayne said that he didn’t really understand why Kaepernick was doing it and that somebody had to explain to him that it was about “that whole Black Lives Matter thing,” and “that wave just went by me too fast for me to even try to give an opinion.”

The real bombshell came when host Skip Bayless asked Lil Wayne, “Where are we in the United States of America in Race Relations? What you see from day to day in your life.”

“They wouldn’t want to ask me that. They wouldn’t want my answer to represent it,” Lil Wayne said, “because God knows that I have been nothing but blessed. My whole path, these 33 years have been nothing but a blessing. I have never, and never’s a strong word, I have never dealt with racism, and I’m glad I didn’t have to. And I don’t know if it’s because of my blessings, but it is my reality, so I have to say that I thought it was over, I still believe it’s over, but obviously, it isn’t.”

The hosts appeared shocked at his statement. Skip asked, “So you’ve never experienced any offensive behavior from any other color?” Lil Wayne replied, “No, sir.”

Host Shannon Sharpe seemed to be in disbelief and asked him, being from New Orleans, if he did see what was going on with situations like the Alton Sterling shooting. Lil Wayne said that he sees what’s going on, “We all wanted somebody to figure out what was going on first and then put a stop to it, or try to put a stop to it,” Lil Wayne said, “everybody come together and figure something out, or maybe just coming together is the solution, but we have to do that first.”

Lil Wayne discussed much more. See what he has to say here:

We find Lil Wayne’s statement about not having experienced racism just as shocking as the Undisputed hosts, but we are actively involved in discussion of racial issues. Our Facebook moderators are constantly trying to hold back the never-ending tide of racist remarks coming from people of all races, so it’s obvious that there’s plenty of racism to go around. However, when you step away from the computer and ask yourself when the last time you confronted racism was, you may (or may not) have some difficulty in recalling the last time that you were personally affected by racism.

Black Lives Matter thrives off of pushing the false narrative that police officers are inherently racist. Their outrageous claims are bolstered any time somebody doesn’t understand a police officer’s actions, so they fall back to the go-to of race being the driving force behind an officer’s decisions. Maybe if we tried to be more understanding of each other, we would see that there’s a lot less racism than we think. Or maybe the cesspool of internet racism is reality and Lil Wayne is just better than all of us by avoiding it.

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  • Syd

    wow…sounds like the host was really wanting to hear the worst and pushed for it…smh

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Blue Lives Matter pushes the false narrative that only black men are engaging a War on Cops.

    • Jack Reilly

      That’s (another) lie, and you know it……watch the videos….there are white’s and others who fight with and shoot at cop……….but, the MAJORITY of the “offenders” are YOUNG BLACK MEN, you deny that, and you’re just lying over and over again…..to yourself and everyone else………wake up, moron.

  • Jim Cunningham

    Black Lies Matter will self destruct in time. Just sit back and wait.

  • I AM DEPORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    I do not care for Lil Wayne’s music, but at least he understands how working hard to achieve a goal has worked for him through his blessed life. It really does not matter who or what you are as long as you are talented and determined to make good on your life goals. No one can stop you if you have the will to work hard.

  • Livia Scott

    I love how everything about this interview on Nightline was disapproving of Lil Wayne in condemning and smug way, while celebrating him and making money from advertisers – that’s cute! The corporate media is hilarious. Search “Lil Wayne Shouts Black Lives Matter In Concert” and you’ll see a video of him doing exactly that, so he clearly does know what it is but he’s disavowing it now for some reason. I’d include the link but comments usually don’t enable links. Don’t believe everything you’re shown on network TV…