BREAKING: 200+ Protesters Gather And Riot Gear Coming Out After Cops In Tulsa Shoot Armed Man

After an officer involved shooting in Tulsa, hundreds of protesters have gathered.

After an officer involved shooting in Tulsa, hundreds of protesters have gathered.

Protesters Gather After Officer Involved Shooting Of Armed Man

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Two Tulsa county deputies and one Tulsa police officer shot an armed man on Friday morning. Now hundreds of pissed-off protesters have gathered and are chanting “Fuck the police.”

The incident started after a judge signed a mental health pick-up order. The judge believed that a 29-year-old man posed a danger to himself or others and needed to be involuntarily taken into custody so that he could be taken to a mental health treatment facility, according to NewsOn6.

Tulsa County deputies went to a house to serve the order, but the man had already armed himself with two knives and went to a convenience store near 46th Street and MLK Jr. Blvd. Sightings of the man carrying the knives prompted at least two 911 calls.

Two Tulsa County Deputies and a Tulsa Police Officer responded and confronted the man as he tried to enter the convenience store. When the man attempted to get into the store where potential victims were, the officers shot the man.

He was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Now, over 200 protesters have gathered chanting “Fuck the police,” as word of the shooting spreads. The officers are still trying to process the homicide scene.

Tulsa Police Department and Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office sent an enormous amount of police officers to the scene and officers in riot gear took position near the front line.

You can see part of the massive police response in this video:

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