Product Highlight: Bravo Company Upper

bcm upper

Product Highlight: BCM Upper

Product Highlight: Bravo Company Upper

Hello everyone! Donut here.

For today’s product highlight we’re going to be checking out a BCM upper. Specifically, a Bravo Company MFG. BFH 14.5″ Mid Length Upper Receiver Group w/ BCM KMR A 13″ Handguard.

bcm upper

DD lower and BCM upper

Bravo Company was founded in 2005 by a Marine Veteran who wanted to build outstanding weapons systems for today’s warriors. After taking a look at the upper that they sent us to review, we can tell that they really did have today’s warriors in mind. Bravo Company certainly didn’t skip out on quality. The great thing about these parts and firearms built for warfare: civilians can buy them as well.

Some of Bravo Company’s previous customers include law enforcement agencies, every branch of the military, border patrol, and SOCOM. That’s right, the Special Operations Command even buys weapon parts from BCM. If a company’s parts are good enough for SF, Seals, Rangers, and MARSOC, I’m damn sure that they are good enough for civilian use.

Upper specifications

  • Chrome Bore and Chamber making them more resistant and easier to clean
  • M4 Feed Ramp Flat Top Receiver
  • Cold Hammer Forged Barrels – increases barrel life and accuracy
  • T-Marked Upper Receiver
  • Mil-Spec Barrel Steel (Certified Mil-B-11595E)
  • Manganese Phosphate Barrel Finish
  • USGI 1/7 Twist Rate
  • All of their barrels AND bolts are High Pressure Tested and Magnetic Particle Inspected, meaning that they are flawless out of the box

bcm upper

bravo company upper

BCM Gunfighter Mod 4 charging handle


I headed out to the range today just planning on popping a few rounds off at some paper targets with my shiny new BCM Upper. Maybe just getting a feel for the new toy, see how tight my groups are, zero in my new Vortex red dot. But instead, I got an idea on the way to the range: I could get some pretty sweet targets and help employ jobless people in my community. Thank you Goodwill, I found me a gorilla.

I also called up a former SWAT team buddy of mine who looks way better on a camera than I do. Police officer, pro bodybuilder, and MMA fighter Mr. Will Washington said he’d love to come help me throw some rounds down range. Little did I know, the entire K9 team at my local police department agreed to put the BMR upper to the test with us.


BCM Bolt Carrier Group

Mod 1 Compensator

Mod 1 Compensator

The first thing we did is attach a lower to it. Uppers don’t do very good by themselves, in case you didn’t know. Our first choice was a Daniel Defense lower. We threw a Vortex SPARC AR red dot on top, quickly zeroed it in, and we were ready to rock and roll. The team’s newest K9, a massive, brindle colored beast named Jack, still needed a bit of training near rifle fire so it worked out for both of us.

bcm upper

Jack! (Facebook)

Eight Police Officers took turns popping off some rounds with the Daniel Defense lower, BCM upper, and Vortex combo with me. The roster of shooters trying it out included some rookie officers and several veteran officers. The majority of us were military veterans, a few combat veterans, and one salty ass Marine who sounds exactly like a drill sergeant when he screams out range calls. Everyone had the same thing to say though: “Damn, this thing’s light!”

bcm upper

The super light A13 hand guard contributed to the low weight

The general consensus was that the BCM Upper was very light, and combined with the Vortex red dot, it put rounds exactly where we wanted them to go. The light weight of this upper compared to the patrol issued rifles my buddies carry can probably be attributed to the aluminum BCM KMR A 13” handguard. The KMR-A hand guard doesn’t use the classic picatinny or quad rail system, it uses the keymod system that has become popular within the past few years.

bcm upper

Keymod accessory system

After putting a few hundred rounds through the BCM upper using the Daniel Defense lower, we switched to something a bit more fun. We stuck a Colt fully automatic lower on this bad boy and killed a few of those pesky soda bottles that kept sneaking up on us. Hickock45 was right, those darned soda bottles are dangerous. You never know when they’re gonna attack.

Edit: I accidentally say Mod 0 compensator, this has the Mod 1 compensator on it.


The BCM Upper might seem a little pricey, but it’s very high quality. I would love to become a competitive shooter one day, but until then I’m the type of person that uses an upper like this for defense and the occasional range day. I can honestly say I’d trust my well being to it.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these you can find them here.

Thank you everyone that helped me test all this out and thank you for protecting our community every single day and night.

If you have something that you’d like for us to test out, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Will Washington is owner of Fit4Reality, a fitness company devoted to helping first responders be fit for reality. If you have any fitness questions, you can contact him at [email protected] or follow him at