WATCH: President Trump Awards Medal Of Valor To Five Hero Police Officers Who Took Down James Hodgkinson

President Trump awarded the Medal of Valor to five police heroes who took down shooter James Hodgkinson.

President Trump awarded the Medal of Valor to five police heroes who took down shooter James Hodgkinson.

President Trump Awards Medal Of Valor To Police Officers

Washington, DC – On Thursday afternoon, July 27, President Trump honored the five hero police officers who displayed immeasurable bravery during the June attack at the Congressional baseball practice.

Capitol Police Special Agent David Bailey, Capitol Police Special Agent Crystal Griner, Alexandria Police Officer Nicole Battaglia, Alexandria Police Officer Kevin Jobe, and Alexandria Police Officer Alexander Jensen each were awarded the Medal of Valor by President Trump, according to CBS News.

The Medal of Valor is ‘the highest decoration of bravery bestowed upon public safety officers’.

The incident occurred on June 14 when Republican congressmen were practicing for the annual charity baseball game at Nationals Park.

Representative Stephen Scalise’s security detail was present when gunman James Hodgkinson opened fire.  Special Agent Griner and Special Agent Bailey were assigned to that security detail.

James Hodgkinson opened fire in an assassination attempt on Republican politicians.

Special Agent Griner and Special Agent Bailey ran toward him and returned fire, as Congressmen and staffers were running for cover, and Representative Scalise lay critically wounded near second base.  Officers Battaglia, Jobe, and Jensen arrived just moments later, and Officer Battaglia left her cover, ran toward Hodgkinson, and continued to return fire after being pinned down.

All five officers returned fire in the firefight, and Hodgkinson was shot and killed.

Special Agent Griner was shot in the ankle during the incident. Special Agent Bailey was also shot and sustained a relatively minor injury.

Lobbyist Matt Mika and Staffer Zack Barth were also shot, and Congressman Roger Williams was injured while diving for cover in the dugout.  All have recovered or are still recovering.

President Trump said, “They are American heroes, and we salute them.”

Representative Scalise, who has recently been released from the hospital was not at the White House ceremony, but his wife Jennifer and some of his medical team members were present.

In a statement, Representative Scalise thanked each officer for their heroism.  He said, “Most people instinctively run from danger, but these officers did not hesitate to put their own lives on the line to run towards it that morning of June 14 to protect the lives of others.”

The President also thanked the paramedics who responded, and praised legislation that has passed the House and is designed to help Capitol Police Officers who are injured in the line of duty.

The legislation was just passed on Monday, July 24, and amended current regulations that only allow donations to go to the families of officers who are killed in the line of duty, according to The Hill.

The bill, if passed by the Senate, would allow donations to the Capitol Police Memorial Fund to help with the medical bills of Special Agent Griner and Special Agent Bailey.

He said “We are forever in your debt. Thank you God bless you, God bless our truly amazing law enforcement and God bless America.”

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      If you take all of the negitive insidents of Americans police force it adds up to less then 1% of all of there calls and confortations. The police put the leader of the BLM on a field test where he was in the Cops posision approaching possible suspects.He then in a split second make the decision if the person was armed and if so is it a real weapon or not also is he by himself. The test was the same simulations that the police go thru. Out of four situations he was killed and stated to the cops that they can keep that job and that that experience was a big eye opener to him.

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    Bravo to US Agents Bailey and Griner and the Virginia cops that assisted them in turning that white Terrorist Hodgkinson into a bullet sponge.

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    Well done Agents and Officers. You are amazing, courageous men and women who risked your lives to save many. Thank you President Trump for recognizing their actions and allowing us to see who these brave men and women are…

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