President Releases 214 Federal Prisoners In Largest Clemency Use in US History

President Obama released a historic 214 federal inmates.

President Obama released a historic 214 federal prisoners. (Reuters)

President Releases 214 Federal Prisoners In Largest Clemency Use in US History

President Obama has just announced that he is using his constitutional clemency power to release more inmates than any other day in United States history. 214 inmates are now being released from federal prison on order of the President.

The release mostly consists of “low-level dug offenses,” which makes makes sense; people shouldn’t need to spend many years in federal prison just for simple possession of a controlled substance. For example, one of the released “low-level drug offenders” is, Richard L. Reser of Sedgwick, Kan., who was a felon convicted of dealing methamphatamine while using a firearm. This begs the question, if a drug dealer with a gun is a low-level offender, what constitutes a high-level offender? El Chapo?

This historic release follows along the political viewpoint that is growing in popularity: People are merely products of their environment. Society is responsible for people’s crimes, and so society needs to fix the problems that caused people to commit their crimes. This view holds that you cannot hold these “justice-involved” individuals responsible for their crimes, when they never had a chance in life to do anything else. Unfortunately, there’s not enough of rehabilitation framework in place to support these people after their release, and they are likely to end up in the same environment that they were in at the time of their offenses.

The constitutional power used by the President was a presidential commutation, which is different than pardons. A presidential pardon completely ignores that the crime ever happened. Commutations just reduce the prison sentences, but the convicts are still felons, with a criminal history, who need to have a supervised release.

The President has said that he’s not done yet, and he plans to release many more people before his term is up.

Left-wing critics of the President are claiming that he should have given these people a full pardon, which they claim would help these people fit back into the society that they had victimized, and restore their voting and gun rights. These critics apparently miss the point that people like Mr. Resner shouldn’t ever be allowed to possess a gun. Many right-wing critics are fine with locking these people up forever, as drug users almost all have victimized people to support their drug use, and have demonstrated an inability to function productively in society. Where do you stand on the issue?

  • Scott Harris

    Lock them back up and throw away the key, after putting Obama in there with them.

    • FourOne6Side


      • Scott Harris

        Bwaaahhahahahha. Not just a keyboard warrior, but a racist keyboard warrior. Stay classy!

        • FourOne6Side

          lol fuck the police white supremacy is gonna day and my kings and queens of black people will be on top where they should be

          • Scott Harris

            Uhm…sure? Just as you as you learn English, and can manage to stop murdering each other. Good luck with both. I won’t be around 300 years from now to see if you all figured either out.

  • Common Man

    It’s the old Sammy Davis Jr. defence, “The Devil made me do it.”

    • Michael Fahey

      I believe that was Flip Wilson, but I get your point.

  • Alice Witt

    He claims they are “non-violent” offenders. How about this one: “Possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine; use of fiream during and in relation to a crime of violence; felon in possession of a firearm; possession of a firearm with obliterated serial numbers”.
    How about commuting some of the federal prisoners who broke laws due to changes after 911 dealing with the internet? Drugs are definitely related to violence; the internet ……..I don’t think so.

  • JBo

    Naw…El Chapo is just a misunderstood pharmacist.

  • Gene Splicer

    Since he wasn’t able to pollute this country with violent refugees, he’s just gonna open the gates to the zoo and let the animals out. Thanks Obama.

  • dandelion

    The penalties for drug offenses are often times too harsh. The Judges use a grid/chart to sentence these people often times labeling them as career offenders when in fact many are not. Murderers often get less time. If a person commits a non violent crime chances are they can be rehabilitated if they are given the chance.

  • Dale Williams

    Wants to pass more gun laws to restrict honest people while letting drug dealers with gun offenses out of prison. Yea that makes sense.

  • Susan Cadwell

    The WH keeps giving the message that these are “non-violent” offenders they are releasing early. Anyone who has committed a drug offense that also had a gun possession involved is not a non-violent offender. I have no problem releasing prisoners early if all they have is a drug charge, even if it isn’t their first offense. I’d rather open up room in the prisons to keep violent offenders for a longer period of time, rather then turning them loose early due to overcrowding.
    The sad thing is, these offenders may go out and never break a law again… sadly, the odds of that are low, which means someone else (or more than one person) will be victimized again because they were let out early.
    End of the day- 90% of prisoners will be released early … and society needs to find a better way to deal with them so they’ll have a better chance at not reoffending. They should never be allowed to own a gun again. Honestly if Obama is so strongly against guns, why is he letting ANYONE with a gun conviction out early?? They should have the strictest punishment.

  • jamessbradford

    Personally, I believe that mere possession of a weapon, be it gun, crowbar, knife, screwdriver, fist… During otherwise non-violent felonies does not constitute violence.. It is the use of the above in a violent or threating manor that requires harsh sentences.

  • usMale

    Unless and until you’ve done time for simply sitting in a car with a friend talking to him about rehab and repentance when he was suddenly arrested by a SWAT team and you were thrown to the ground, locked up in County for 18 months, taken to “trial”, then sentenced to 10 years for “CONSPIRACY” – don’t presume to comment in here, PLEASE!