Powerful Blue Version of “23 Ways” Video

Powerful Blue Version of “23 Ways” Video

We previously reported on Alicia Keys’ “23 ways you could be killed if you are black in America” video. Keys’ video features 23 celebrities, including celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock, Queen Latifah, and many more. The premise of the video is that the black individuals shown were murdered by the police for doing absolutely nothing. Each celebrity states something innocent the person was doing such as “failing to signal a lane change” (Sandra Bland) or “selling CDs on a corner” (Alton Sterling) or “holding a fake gun in Walmart” (John Crawford III). The video then blatantly states these individuals were killed “just for being black in America and doing absolutely nothing.” Key’s video is basically just a Black Lives Matter propaganda piece that spreads false and misleading information.

Now somebody has made an powerful Blue version: “23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are a Police Officer in America”

Unlike Key’s “23 Ways” video, the law enforcement version is based on factual information from cases where officers were killed because they wore a badge. This new video sends a strong message that Blue Lives Matter.

The biggest problem with Keys’ video is that it wants people to believe that police officers are using force due to racism. If America wants to have a discussion about police force, independent of race, that’s a discussion that we can actually have because it centers around a difference of opinion. However, having a discussion about police using force because of race would be like having a discussion with a mad man; we’d be talking with people who see and hear things that don’t exist, and expect us to acknowledge that those things are real.

The causes of these officers deaths are real. These heroes all died because of demented individuals who viewed law enforcement as the enemy; the wackos believed the type of propaganda that Black Lives Matter spreads.

Please share this with everybody you know, and tell them that Blue Lives Matter.