Portland Fire Chief Pulls EMTs From Working With Police At Riots Because They Aren’t ‘Taking Sides’

Portland Fire EMTs will no longer be working with police at riots after a SJW complaint.

Portland Fire EMTs will no longer be working with police at riots after a SJW complained.

Portland Chief Mike Meyers Puts Politics Above Safety

Portland, OR – Portland Fire & Rescue Chief Mike Meyers has stopped the city’s emergency medical team from working with officers at riots after a Social Justice Warrior complained that medics were taking sides in the war on police.

A man spoke at a Portland city council meeting in a borderline-delusional speech where he complained about EMTs being dressed in protective riot gear while assigned to work the front lines of riots where bricks, flares, and explosives are thrown at first responders. Additionally, he complained that an EMT was seen wearing a “blue lives matter patch” at a black lives matter rally.

The crazy speech is the sort of thing that’s actually pretty common at city council meetings, and council members generally politely sit through the speech, thank the person for speaking, and move on. That’s not what happened in Portland. Fire Chief Mike Meyers got pretty upset about the whole thing and caved into everything that the SJW wanted.

You can put on your tinfoil hats and see the full complaint here:

Allan Brettman with OregonLive reports that in response to the EMT wearing the “Blue Lives Matter” patch, Chief Meyers responded, “That is unacceptable and not appropriate.”

Chief Meyers went on to say that it damages the bureaus reputation, “That damage is extremely difficult to fix. That sends the message that out of all the things we do – the do-no harm, the firefighters are always ready, we’ll be there all the time – we put something like that on and you make a statement to another group that we’re taking a side? That has a long-term damage for us. I just want to make absolutely sure we understand every step of the way how we’re viewed.”

The Fire Chief went on to say that protests are the “new normal” and his employees need to be aware of “the political environment we’re in today.”

However, the “Blue Lives Matter” patch that the EMT wore is not a Blue Lives Matter patch. THIS is a Blue Lives Matter logo. THIS is an American law enforcement flag. And THIS is an American First Responders flag, which is what the medic was wearing and has never (before now,) been featured on Blue Lives Matter.

Portland Fire EMT wearing a flag that has never, in any way, been associated with Blue Lives Matter.

Chief Mike Meyers has now pulled all EMTs from working with police officers at riots. Presumably, the EMTs will resume their old practice of staging a couple of blocks away.

That practice was changed to place EMTs with officers complaints that medics took too long to respond to injuries at an illegal protest about police officers’ contract negotiations on October 12th, 2016.

Protesters were pepper sprayed for failing to disperse after disrupting a city council meeting and blocking roadways and train rails. The protesters complained that the EMTs too long to make their pain go away.

In response, Portland Fire & Rescue began embedding EMTs with officers who responded to riots.

The group that complained about slow EMT response time is the same group that complained about EMTs working with officers.

Chief Meyer should be ashamed of himself for suggesting that law enforcement are on any “side” other than that of the law, and that standing with the law is somehow “taking a side.” Outside agitator groups, like Black Lives Matter, celebrities, and politicians are the ones who have made it popular to attack law enforcement officers. Ironically, by caving in to politics and failing to make decisions on what can best protect lives, Chief Meyer’s actions make it clear that he wishes to side with the anti-police crowd.

The position of law enforcement is not political and it’s not campaigning for a cause. Law enforcement officers simply hold the line against the criminal element of society while the rest of the world politicizes law enforcement. For the most part, law enforcement agencies won’t even get involved in defending themselves from these attacks.

The inability of police departments to defend themselves from politicized criticism is the reason why Blue Lives Matter is here to defend police officers from these attacks.

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