Portland Black Lives Matter Steal American Flag From Someone’s Hand To Burn It

portland black lives matter burn flag

Portland Black Lives Matter burn flag

Portland Black Lives Matter Steal American Flag From Someone’s Hand To Burn It

Portland, Oregon – On Friday afternoon, Black Lives Matter groups and Don’t Shoot Portland group protested in downtown Portland. One of the protesters took someones flag from their hand and and the group then burned it.

At around 1:30 PM Friday groups from Black Lives Matter staged a protest in Portland. The marched from the Portland State University to the Multnomah County Courthouse while chanting “write in Raiford” and “Black Lives Matter”. Teressa Raiford is the leader of the Don’t Shoot Portland group who is trying to become the Multnomah County Sheriff. Some members of the group also chanted “these racist cops have got to go”.

Near the court house, Bundy supporters were holding a BBQ to celebrate the Bundy brothers acquittal of charges.  Earlier this year, Ammon Bundy led armed militants to take over a wildlife refuge for more than 6 weeks. One of the participants in the standoff, LaVoy Finicum was killed by law enforcement. Everyone involved in the stand off were acquitted on Thursday.

One of the Black Lives Matter supporters asked one of the Bundy supporters to borrow their flag. The flag owner must have thought that the Black Lives Matter group just wanted to show their patriotism, because he allowed them to borrow the flag. The Black Lives Matter group then and burned the flag. Some local news agencies report that the Bundy supporter plans on filing charges with police against the person who took their flag.

Teressa Raiford wants to be sheriff, but her supporters steal other peoples property, block public roads, and burn American flags. That doesn’t seem like a very fitting person to be in charge of a Sheriff’s Department.

As a Sheriff, I wonder if she will take body cameras away like Black Lives Matter demands?

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