Poll Of Ages 18-30: More Than Half Of Whites Support Black Lives Matter, Don’t Know What It Is

whites support black lives matter

Poll Of Ages 18-30: More Than Half Of Whites Support Black Lives Matter, Don’t Know What It Is

Poll also finds that most millennials don’t trust the police and think Hillary is trustworthy.

The Black Youth Project, the GenForward Survey, and The University of Chicago have teamed up to do a first of its kind poll. The poll includes 1750 young adults who range from age 18-30 that focuses specifically on what people of different racial backgrounds experience. The poll covers young adults all over the country and covers things like the Black Lives Matter movement, police violence, immigration, and the upcoming presidential election.

According to NY Daily News, Samuel Martin, 27, a white man from Conway, S.C., adamantly disagreed with the sentiment that the Black Lives Matter movement’s message could incite violence. “The only thing that would encourage violence against police would be thinking that black lives do not matter,” he said. To summarize, Mr. Martin thinks that Black Lives Matter’s message that black lives don’t matter to police, encourages violence, but he thinks Black Lives Matter’s message doesn’t encourage violence. This is America’s future.

The findings of the poll starts off by stating

The report reflects the Black Youth Project’s sustained commitment to knowledge, voice and action among young people, in particular young people of color. We create knowledge by detailing the reallife experiences of young people and how their perspectives and preferences differ based on their race and ethnicity. We help amplify their voices by providing platforms and opportunities for young people to weigh in on the issues most important to them. We present our data in an accessible form to multiple constituencies with the hope that our findings will contribute to a call to action to bring about change rooted in the ways young people of color experience contemporary America.

We’ve divided the poll findings up into separate categories so that you can easily see what the young adults of the United States are concerned about.

2016 presidential election

Who’s voting for Hillary?

  • 60% of Blacks
  • 52% of Asians
  • 49% of Hispanics
  • 28% of Whites


  • 2% of Blacks
  • 12%of Asians
  • 8% of Hispanics
  • 28% of Whites

So, whites are right down the middle when it comes to voting for either Hillary or Trump. It looks like young black adults don’t like Trump much at all. The poll also found that 14% of all young adults included aren’t even voting.

Another part of the presidential section includes the criteria “Percent who view candidate as honest and trustworthy

Young adults who find Hillary trustworthy:

  • 78% of Blacks
  • 67% of Asians
  • 66% of Hispanics
  • 42% of whites


  • 14% of Blacks
  • 17% of Asian
  • 14% of Hispanics
  • 31% of Whites

There you have it folks, the majority of millennials find that Hillary Clinton is way more trustworthy than Donald Trump.


The survey found that black people aged 18-30 are most concerned about police brutality (42%), racism (40%), and Education (26%).

All other races were more concerned about gun control, racism, education, terrorism, and nation debt.

  • All races have called the police for help at similar rates. 54%-57% of all races have called the police for help at some time.
  • All races have been stopped by the police at some point at similar rates. Blacks(74%) and whites(75%) report being stopped by police at almost the exact same rate.
  • The largest difference comes from the number arrested: 28% of blacks, 10% of Asians, 22% of Hispanics, and 15% of whites.

Percentage who trust the police

  • 26% of blacks
  • 50% of Asians
  • 48% of Hispanics
  • 73% of whites

The study also shows that less than half of the blacks (48%) included in the poll believe that the police are there to protect them, almost all (80%) whites believe that the police are there to protect them.

Black Lives Matter

  • More than half of all races think that violence against police is an extremely/ very serious issue.
  • The majority of non-white races believe that police killings of African Americans are not isolated incidents, but are part of a larger pattern.
  • More than half of the people in all racial groups support the Black Lives Matter movement. 85% of blacks, 67% of Asians, 62% of Hispanics, and 51% of whites. More than half of all whites support Black Lives Matter.

Does the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter Encourage violence against police?

whites support black lives matter

Figures from the study (page 24)

How to stop police violence

  • The majority of young adults voted that body cameras would be most successful in stopping police violence.
  • Over half of all non-white races think that there should be stricter criteria for the use of deadly force. 48% of whites think that it should be more strict.
  • The least effective way to stop police violence, according to all races, is adopting community policing.
whites support black lives matter

Figures from the study (page 26)

You can read the full study here.