Police Officer Shot, Saved by Body Armor

North Charleston police officer shot, saved by vest

North Charleston police officer shot, saved by vest

North Charleston, SC – Police Officer Wayne Pavlischek, who’s been with NCPD for 3 years, was shot Monday while responding to a call. A citizen called in a report of a white SUV driving erratically, almost striking a pedestrian near Waltham Road in Northwoods Estates. Police located the vehicle a short time later parked in a nearby backyard. Police officers secured the perimeter and were met with gunfire as the suspect appeared in a second story window. One of the suspect’s bullets struck Pavlischek’s armor in the lower right abdomen. The suspect then proceeded to exit the front door and continued to fire at officers.

WCSC News in Charleston reports:

According to authorities, the shooter was shot by officers and is at the hospital.

He has not been identified.

According to NCPD officials, the incident started when officers received a call at 4:33 p.m. from a concerned citizen in reference to a speeding white vehicle trying to run over a pedestrian in the roadway on Waltham Road in Northwoods Estates.

“All of a sudden around 2:30 p.m., 3 p.m., I heard a guy flying down the road in a white SUV,” said Alesia Wright.”He flew down the road. About three or four minutes later he flew back the other way.”

Police say when officers arrived at the scene, they secured a perimeter around a home on Waltham Road attempting to contact the suspect whose vehicle was parked in the backyard.

An NCPD report states the suspect then appeared in a second story window of the house and fired multiple shots at officers.

“One officer was struck by gunfire on the right side of the abdomen,” NCPD officials said.”He was transported by EMS to MUSC. The suspect then exited the front door and continued to fire at officers.”

Authorities say the suspect was then shot by officers.

According to police, the suspect was transported to Trident Medical Hospital.

“The officer was struck in the right side abdomen area – but thankfully the vest did its job and stopped the round,” NCPD officials said.

SLED is on-scene and investigating the incident.

Witnesses reported that authorities had a portion of the road blocked off as officers worked the scene.

Residents had earlier reported that officers were in a standoff with an individual at a home.

“One cop came by real fast and my wife said to me something’s going on,” said William Mulhern who lives in the neighborhood.”I looked and saw 20 cops sitting here.”

More than 20 law enforcement vehicles responded to the scene.

Law enforcement agencies including the North Charleston Police Department, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office and the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office responded.

Neighbors said they were surprised at what happened, and is not normal for the neighborhood.

“The neighborhood is a quiet neighborhood,” Mulhern said.”We always feel safe here. Unfortunately, this stuff happens. It happens everywhere.”

This police officer’s life was spared by his armor. We are grateful to not be mourning the death of another hero. Please always make sure you wear your vest.