Police Memorial Vandalized in the Wake of the Dallas Memorial

A Richmond Virginia Police Memorial Vandalized

A Richmond Virginia Police Memorial Vandalized -Image Credit Jake Burns CBS6

Police Memorial Vandalized in the Wake of the Dallas Memorial

Richmond, Virginia – As if Law Enforcement needed another slap in the face, we have an unknown suspect, or suspects, who have decided that vandalizing a Police Memorial was the next logical step in closing the gap between police and black Americans. A memorial honoring fallen heroes had a large X was painted on a it with the  words “JUSTICE FOR ALTON” written along the bottom.

WTVR Richmond News reports:

Richmond Police Deputy Chief Steve Drew called the incident unfortunate. He said crews would clean up the mess within 24 hours and the department would move on.

“This is a cowardly act to come and want to air his or her grievances here at a memorial in honor of the 28 police officers who probably protected and served these or this individual, again it’s very disheartening,” Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham said.

The vandalism comes days after a weekend threat phoned in to police was deemed not credible by Richmond Police and hours after hundreds of people filled the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School auditorium for a conversation about ending violence.

Drew called the vandalism not representative of the relationship between police and the Richmond community.

“These are trying times for law enforcement, but we’re doing everything we can to make sure we don’t have those incidents you see across the country,”
Durham said.

“For 28 years, the Police Memorial Statue stood under the trees in a corner of Festival Park. Some thought the statue didn’t get the appreciation it deserved there,” Richmond Police posted on YouTube. “Thanks to the Relocation Committee – it took a journey Friday, June 24, to its new site in Byrd Park – where it will enjoy greater visibility.”

Chief Durham said the person or persons responsible for the vandalism should have aired their grievances at a community forum Tuesday night as opposed to taking their anger out on the memorial.

“I’m asking that person you were bold enough to do this, stand up for what you did and come and see us,” Durham said.

Its so discouraging to see such hatred, especially at a monument showing built to show respect for our fallen heroes.

I stand with Chief Durham, if you want to be heard in a civil manner, then come forward and stop cowering behind your criminal acts.