Police Issue ‘Fake News’ Report To Save Two Lives From MS-13 Mexian Mafia, Get Attacked By The Media

Fake News Report Used To Bust MS-13 Gang

Fake News Report Used To Bust MS-13 Gang

Police Use Fake News to Bust MS-13 Gang Members

Santa Maria, CA – Police in California are being attacked by local news organizations for issuing a false media release in order to save two men from being assassinated.

According to the LA Times, “It was a moral and ethical decision, I stand by it,” said Santa Maria Police Chief Ralph Martin of the media release.

Local newspaper and TV stations were unaware they released false information when they reported Jose Melendez, 22, and Jose Moreno Melendez, 23, had been arrested for identity theft and handed over to immigration authorities. Law enforcement had discovered that assassins were on their way to kill the two cousins, so they swooped in to take the pair into protective custody. The place department then issued the false media release to keep the assassins at bay.

Martin added that this is the first time in his 43-year career that his department has resorted to using such tactics and that he wouldn’t rule out doing it again. “I’ve had 21 bodies lying in the city in the last 15 months,” he stated.

The fake news was first discovered in court documents in February yet wasn’t made public until recently when the Santa Maria Times covered the story.

“They used a public system paid for with public dollars to present false information to the public,” said Marga Cooley, managing editor of the Santa Maria Times, who appears more concerned about the accuracy of a minor story than she is about the lives of two men. Apparently presenting false information is only OK when the news media intends to do it.

“We strongly support the police department’s efforts to protect citizens in harm’s way. We are concerned that this type of deception can erode the basic trust of our residents and viewers,” said Kenda Martinez, news director at KSBY TV.

However, Chief Martin did not make the decision lightly as he watched as the annual murder rate rise nearly 20% in a city of approximately 110,000 citizens.

The Department confirmed they would expose ‘Operation Matador’ if arrests were made as a result of taking the Melendez cousins into protective custody.

Nearly three weeks later, seventeen MS-13 gang-members were arrested and charged with 10 counts of murder and plotting to kill at least eight others, including the two Melendez cousins, whom remain in protective custody.

Chief Martin concluded that although he has taken a lot of “heat” over the situation, he believes that if the media were in his shoes, they would have done the same thing. The chief seems unaware of just how heartless the reporters are.

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