WATCH: Pickens County Deputy Retreats While Repeatedly Begging Gary Castle Not To Make Him Shoot Before Shooting

Dashcam video was released of the Gary Castle shooting in Pickens County.

Dashcam video was released of the Gary Castle shooting in Pickens County.

Gary Castle Shooting in Pickens County

Pickens County, GA – Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Travis Curran was involved in a shooting early Tuesday morning which was captured on his dash camera. In the video (below,) you can hear Sergeant Curran begging the suspect, Gary Castle, to stop before the shooting occurred.

At around 1 AM Tuesday morning, Sergeant Travis Curran attempted to make a traffic stop on Gary Castle. Castle refused to stop for Segreant Curran, continuing on before finally pulling into a driveway. Once stopped, Castle exited his vehicle with a large metal pipe and aggressively came at Sergeant Curran.

Sergeant Curran retreated while repeatedly begging for Castle to stop. Finally, Sergeant Curran was forced to shoot Castle.

Fox 5 reports that Captain Kris Stancil said, “He [Curran] kept retreating, calling out orders over and over again for the man to stop. When it reached the point in the road where he had no more room to walk backwards, he discharged his firearm striking Mr. Castle.”

“Mr. Castle was very aggressive. Cursing, yelling, it was clear he was not approaching the deputy to shake his hands or do something friendly,” Stancil said.

Gary Castle was struck in the abdomen and arm. He was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital in stable condition.

Sergeant Travis Curran was able to go home, unharmed, after Castle forced the shooting.

You can see the video of the incident below. The confrontation happens about 1:10 in if you want to skip directly to that part: