Pi Pizzeria Owner Accuses Blue Lives Matter Of Physical Threats Because Of One Star Reviews

Pi Pizzeria owner Chris Sommers is blaming Blue Lives Matter after reaction to his anti-police statements.

Pi Pizzeria owner Chris Sommers is blaming Blue Lives Matter after reaction to his anti-police statements.

Pi Pizzeria Owner Makes Accusations Against Blue Lives Matter

St. Loius, MO – After we pointed out tweets from Chris Sommers which insulted police, the owner of Pi Pizzeria and ‘ZZA, has accused “The Blue Lives Matter assholes” of “physically threatening” him and his business “with hundreds of one-star reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook.”

He also laid out justification for the throwing of gas canisters at officers while calling them corrupt and incompetent. His response was published by Riverfront Times. We’re providing excerpts, you can see the full statement on Riverfront Times.

After we published the initial story on Chris Sommers’ comments, the St. Louis County Police Association posted the information on Facebook with a phone number to Sommers’ businesses, and suggested that people were tying up their phone lines.

Sommers is now blaming Blue Lives Matter for “physically threatening” him with reviews. On Facebook, Sommers posted:

The Blue Lives Matter (Only) people who are threatening me and my business use phrases like “Black Lives Don’t Matter” in their messages. They all have Trump and “Make America Great Again” tags in their profiles. Oh, and they generally seem to love Jesus.

The Blue Lives Matter (only) assholes are physically threatening me and my businesses, with hundreds of one-star reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook. I already have confirmation that some of these will be removed, but if you have some time to counter one of these bogus reviews, I’d greatly appreciate it. They have a big effect on a business. Your continued patronage in our restaurants would be greatly appreciated, too. 

Blue Lives Matter does not suggest or recommend calling or contacting people we disagree with other than elected politicians. When a business owner bashes the police, we believe it’s enough to get the word out about what happened and allow people to send a message by making their own choices on how to spend their money.

We don’t condone or suggest that people contact Chris Sommers or leave negative reviews on his businesses.

However, it appears that Sommers believes that everybody who doesn’t like him is “Blue Lives Matter.”

I have a message for Mr. Sommers: Anybody on the internet can read an article and decide that they don’t like you. That doesn’t mean that they have any affiliation with our organization, or even so much as follow our Facebook page.

If everybody who has read our article also liked our Facebook page, we’d have a lot more than our 1.7 million Facebook followers.

But Sommers didn’t stop with attacking Blue Lives Matter, he continued to bash the police.

It should be noted that while Sommers had previously claimed that police shot rubber bullets at him, while he called them “pathetic, violent shits,” in his latest response he acknowledges that they were pepperballs which weren’t actually shot at him.


In his latest post he said:

When they reached the corner, at least one of them began shooting indiscriminately, at absolutely no one. Some of the shots (pepper pellets, I later learned) were directed towards the air, so it appears they were just trying to intimidate.

As they continued to shoot, I lost my shit and screamed at them for terrorizing our guests and hiding behind their shields and guns when there were zero agitators on our corner. Cars were driving freely, unimpeded by anyone blocking the street. If you watch my video, you’ll see that even some of the cops have no idea why they marched where they did.

But apparently cops can do no wrong. (The ACLU disagrees, however, and after viewing my video, has asked me to testify before a federal judge this week.) I used lots of expletives at these little men and women hiding behind shields with guns, terrorizing my guests who pay their salaries. The ACLU told me their aggression against my language makes their crime even more egregious.

The ACLU also happens to lie a lot.

After they threw a tear gas canister at me (again, on video), a guy next to me picked it up and threw it back at them, either to get it away from him and others at Pi, or because he felt violated and wanted to return the poison. They certainly didn’t like that, and finally crossed the street, rushing at me as I ran into my restaurant and barely got the door closed before they could break in. 

Yes, by Sommers’ own admission, they threw a gas canister at police officers in an area where officers were attacked by rioters.

Throughout this all, Sommers claims to be a long-time supporter of law enforcement:

What pains me the most about this is how much support I have given to the police since I opened my business. Cops eat either for free or 50 percent off every time they dine with us in uniform. I donate to all of their non-profits and events, any time they ask. But that doesn’t matter. No good deed goes unpunished.

Despite the SLMPD catching none of the criminals who have assaulted and robbed me, my businesses and employees, or home, I have continued to support them. They have NOT protected me and often never showed up when I’ve called them, but I’ve continue to serve them, with free meals and cash. No longer. And I’ll lose less money on every meal I don’t give away to them. 

However, his history shows criticism of law enforcement, not support. Sommers has now locked down his Twitter account, covering up his history of police bashing, but in August 2014, during the Ferguson riots, Chris Sommers told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he blamed the police in the unrest. The newspaper cited his social activism on Twitter.

Sommers said the protests following Brown’s death have been mishandled by authorities.

“It’s devastating to our town,” said Sommers, who’s opened six Pi restaurants in the region since 2008. “Many of us have been working really hard to build our city back up, and the St. Louis County and Ferguson police are undoing that in a manner of days.”

Sommers also alluded in his most recent response that he’s had a long-held dislike for police officers:

The systematic racism and corruption in our SLMPD and beyond is well-known and documented. (What I’ve experienced the past few days, however, is trivial when compared to what African Americans do on a daily basis. I don’t at all mean to create a false equivalency with this. I know the gun they used on me could have been different if I were black.)

FYI, the number of black people shot by St. Louis police officers since the riots started: 0

Mr. Sommers, you’ve spent years making your views on police known. Don’t blame us for publishing them.

Sommers isn’t the first person two accuse Blue Lives Matter of ridiculous harassment. Last year a social justice warrior at a Seattle city councilmeeting accused Blue Lives Matter of sending “racist white-supremacist rapists” after her. Now it’s looking like Sommers is just as nutty (video below.)