Owner Of Popular Pizza Restaurants Calls Police ‘Dimwits,’ Accuses Them Of Terrorizing St. Louis

Pizza restaurant owner Chris Sommers has voiced his dislike for police.

Pizza restaurant owner Chris Sommers has voiced his dislike for police.

Business Owner Chris Sommers Bashes Cops

St. Louis – Chris Sommers, the co-founder of St. Louis’ Pi Pizzaria and ‘ZZA restaurants, has taken to social media to bash the police, criticizing their response to rioting in St. Louis.

In one tweet sent to us by a Blue Lives Matter follower, Sommers responded to a report that officers were chanting “Whose streets, our streets,” while arresting rioters.

Sommers said, “And we pay a pension for these dimwits.”

In another tweet he responded to a picture of officers in crowd control gear saying, “Standard procedure for @SLMPD terrorizing out town, hiding under tactical gear.”



That “tactical gear” they were hiding under was to protect them from the assaults that they endured all day. Eleven officers were injured the first day alone, with one suffering a broken jaw and another with a dislocated shoulder after they were pelted with bricks.

Video shows that even in protective gear, officers aren’t entirely safe. In the video an officer goes down after being hit with a brick:

Yet, Chris Sommers was out that first night supporting the rioters even as they tried to set his restaurant’s plants on fire.

Let’s get the word out that if you bash the police, you won’t be getting our business.