Off-Duty Officer And Wife Brutally Beaten By Philadelphia Flash Mob

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Off-Duty Officer And Wife Brutally Beaten By Philadelphia Flash Mob

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – A violent Philadelphia flash mob took to the streets with the intent of attacking innocent people. An off-duty officer tried to protect people and paid the price.

Philadelphia authorities have stated that a Saturday night flash mob appeared in Center City in downtown Philadelphia. It wasn’t the kind of flash mob that does a neat little dance though, it was the kind of flash mob that beats the crap out of random people.

Police say that a large group of teens were walking around 1600 Walnut Street Saturday evening when a smaller group broke off and started assaulting people. One witness told NBC 10 that is was an unprovoked attack, “They didn’t say anything and they just found themselves getting beat up. It was scary.”

Of the people who were randomly assaulted by the teens, one of them was a 55-year-old Philadelphia police detective. He spotted a 21-year-old man being assaulted by the group and chased them off. He then saw two more teens beating up a 20-year-old man and announced he was a police officer. He tried to arrest one of the assailants, who was kicking a man on the ground, when he was attacked from behind.

The Philly officer was punched multiple times from behind. His 53-year-old wife tried to stop the attack and she was also punched in the face by one of the teens. The officer was taken to the hospital where he was treated for an orbital fracture to his right eye. Three other people were injured in the unprovoked attack.

The Inquirer reports that two 16-year-olds were arrested and they are looking for more of the suspects.

This is the second “flash mob” attack within the past few weeks in Philadelphia. Last month, a group of over 100 teenagers ran around Temple University in North Philly assaulting random people.