Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Mike Stack Bashes The Cops Protecting Him, Governor Tom Wolf Shuts Him

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Mike Stack is hostile to state employees.

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Mike Stack is hostile to state employees.

Lt. Governor Mike Stack Loses Privileges For Foul Temper

Harrisburg, PA – Lieutenant Gov. Mike Stack has a history of mistreating Pennsylvania State Police Troopers on his security detail, but that has come to an end.

After Stack’s history of mistreating the state troopers and other staff, Governor Wolf hand-delivered a letter to Mike Stack informing him that his security detail was being revoked. The security detail isn’t the only thing revoked from the lieutenant governor. His cleaning and grounds keeping staff will only be available for a limited time, under outside supervision.

The letter, signed by Governor Wolf, said:

“After consultation with the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police and the Secretary of General Services, I write to inform you that, effective immediately, you and Mrs. Stack will no longer addition, the Department of General Services will provide limited cleaning, grounds keeping and maintenance at The State House and only under supervision at prearranged times.

I do not delight in this decision, but I believe it is a necessary step to protect Commonwealth employees.”

At a press conference last week, Stack said, “I’ve said things in anger and frustration that I wish I hadn’t said.” He said that he could “do better” and that his wife would do the same. No further details were given about what Stack and his wife had said.

Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio released a statement which said:

“It’s disturbing to hear that Lt. Governor Stack lambasted state employees who cook, clean, and tend the grounds at his taxpayer funded home. Even more concerning are reports that he directed his security detail to violate state police policy. These actions are highly unbecoming of a Lt. Governor. Sadly, arrogance and corruption among Democrat public officials, especially those from Philadelphia, is becoming more and more common these days.”