Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Arrested In Los Angeles

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors was arrested after failing to disperse.

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors was arrested after failing to disperse.

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Arrested In Los Angeles

Los Angeles – Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors got to see first hand that you can only flaunt the laws so much before it catches up with you. LAPD officers arrested Cullors and other Black Lives Matter activists after they attempted to interrupt an LAPD press conference.

On Monday, Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck came to the defense of his officers for their use of deadly force in two separate incidents over the weekend. Black Lives Matter activists are upset that two men were shot after drawing guns on police. Chief Beck held a press conference to address the incidents. 

Chief Beck told the gathered reporters that on Saturday, in a neighborhood where there had been nearly 450 shootings this year alone, officers attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle that they believed may have been stolen. During the traffic stop, a man later identified as 18-year-old Carnell Snell Jr. fled from the rear seat of the vehicle while holding his waistband; an indication that he may have been armed.

Officers pursued Carnell Snell, and then Snell removed a gun from his waistband and turned toward the pursuing officers. The officers responded by shooting Snell. Police recovered a fully loaded semi-automatic pistol with a round in the chamber, ready to fire. Carnell Snell was pronounced dead at the scene.

A video from a nearby business was recovered which clearly shows that Snell was armed.

According to court records, Snell was no stranger to police encounters during the course of his young life. He was on probation after pleading no contest to felony assault likely to produce great bodily harm.

In the second incident, also in a high crime area, an unidentified hispanic male was shot after pointing what turned out to be a replica of a pistol at police. Body camera footage supports the officers accounts, according to Chief Beck. “In both these instances, the officers feared for their lives because of the actions of the individuals that they were pursuing,” he said.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors showed up to the closed press conference with Black Lives Matter Los Angeles organizers Melina Abdullah, and Niki Okuk. The press conference was in a closed area and invitation only. Patrisse Cullors and her cohorts did not have an invitation and tried to enter, at which time they were stopped by officers. The officers gave the assembled protesters a five-minute warning to disperse and clear out of the building. The protesters did not listen, and the officers began to make arrests. Patrisse Cullors, Melina Abdullah, and Niki Okok were all arrested.

LAist reports that Melina Abdullah said, “We’re not going to just submit to the will of the police that continue to kill us.” Abdullah arrived on-scene of the officer-involved shooting of Snell shortly after it occurred, where Black Lives Matter began to spread the false rumor that Snell was running away with his hands in the air.

The trio were reportedly bailed out shortly after being arrested. Black Lives Matter activists are pointing to their “release” as evidence the the arrest was unlawful.

If you have a lot of time, and want to be annoyed, you can see their shenanigans here:

  • Shiloh

    …support your local, city, state LEOs!

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Militant assholes.

  • tekwrite

    You point a gun at me sweetheart and you will be pushing up daisies!

    • Rachel Chappell

      That really does seem fair. They want rights no one else has. No other race is allowed to set things on fire, beat people up or assault the police, but these people think they should be able to? I don’t see it happening.

      • ButtercupKelley

        They don’t want equal treatment; they want a free pass to do as they please, whenever they please, with zero consequences.

  • CarolinaCries

    Asshats don’t care about killing each other, but let a police officer defend himself and all hell breaks loose. Hypocrite much?

  • CrazyforYeshua

    Peaceful protest? Really? And comparing themselves to MLK? Give me a break!

    • Maximillian

      Some are unfortunately the radical example of this organization has been given more attention then those who actually are protesting peacefully without any destruction of public property or physical violence against other people.

      • Leo Mutchler


        • Maximillian

          If you look online I believe you can find examples I’ve seen a few examples one recent example showed a few white and black individuals kneeling with one another with their eyes closed praying and I say this as an atheist.

      • Kristen Loomis

        I whole heartedly agree with peaceful, organized, and civil protests. Generally people in those are still willing to have dialogue without flinging insults. I really just would like to see BLM’s priority put on all black people and not just the ones that the media decides to turn into a circus.

        You have black *children* being killed in crossfire, black teenagers being run down by white supremacists, children who are not in 2 parent households that are in desperate need of the influence that missing parent is supposed to provide… they matter too, don’t they?

        • Maximillian

          This I wholeheartedly DO agree with I dont like the hypocrisy of black men killing one another then claiming that about it being solely law enforcement when some of them are no better in that regard.

          I agree that is an issue its always been an issue within the african american community and it needs to change because its just as bad if not worse.

          Of course it all equally matters and there has to be some kind of change in all of these regards.

          Violence shouldnt be a relevant issue in any part of this society this world has more then enough of that as it is and it has to STOP.

  • Paul Campbell

    Fuck BLM and their increasing stupid leaders that have absolutely killed their own cause with their ridiculousness… if black lives really matter to them then they should start by teaching their children that gangs, drugs, guns, and crime are not the answer nor a viable occupation… Their parents, neighborhood, and community leaders have all failed them… NOT America, not white people.. and definitely not the law or law enforcement… they themselves are to blame for the deaths of their people…

    • Carlos Hernandez

      Paul Campbell I agree with you sir 100 %.

    • Shannon Badgett

      Whoa, whoa, whoa…..they are victims, hahahahahahaha……just kidding!!! keep up the good work, Officers, I am glad you are safe and able to go home to your families. #IsupportBlue

    • ButtercupKelley

      Excellent post. Oh, and totally off-topic, but that is a damn fine beard!! 🙂

  • Robert W Butler

    Hell of a way to spend a false agenda little black 18 year old pointed gun at cops what did you think the outcome was going to be they don’t come up in society the way they should because parents don’t teach them enough to be safe all they know is Street mentality

    • Rachel Chappell

      The little one who talked to the press afterward is still insisting the guy in NC was shot over a book.

  • Fingers in my booty

    BLM is a terrorist group now.

    • Carlos Hernandez

      Yes they are.

  • AlGator98

    Nothing like watching a fat cow have a screeching hissy-fit…

  • Matthew Donnelly

    BLM Stands for Burn Loot and Mayhem

    • LadyoftheCats

      Very true.

  • daleh33

    Shows their intelligence, if the cops wanted them dead, with all of the BS that they pull wouldn’t the cops have killed them by now? I love how she looks at being bailed out as being released. It’s really sad that BLM just keeps making that stereotype worse and harder for those black folks that obey the laws and want to live a peaceful and productive life. During their “protests” they destroy businesses owned by black people who WORKED hard to start their business and are doing things the right way.

  • Louise in NC

    BLM = ISIS
    Put them ALL in jail!

    • John J Rouse

      How about under the jail.

    • May

      They should all be dropped off in the middle east and let them fight the war instead of these men and women that have served and being disrespected by BLM, Beyounce, Alicia Keys and Colin. Instead of sending them to jail, that should be an option….

  • Carlos Hernandez

    BLM stand for the worse in BLACK AMERICANS.

    • True Conservative American

      And many white Americans are protesting and rioting also. Liberal self hating idiots

  • Deplorable Common Man

    Simple solution even for simplton BLM dolts; don’t point firearms at the police and you won’t die.

  • John J Rouse

    Arrest then hang.

  • John J Rouse

    Aren’t these the same ones who yoinked the microphone out of weak Bernies hand?

  • Rachel Chappell

    My heroes…and of course I mean the officers who arrested these banshees. <3

  • disqusted

    Another yoof with his hands up and shot in the back Tsk Tsk Tsk

  • Brad Bilger

    Remember, BLM feels that when pursuing a suspect, and the suspect turns and draws a weapon, the officer is suppose to stand up straight and present a full face target and commit suicide by not protecting themselves. Which is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard from BLM.

  • O_cult

    “How many times did MLK go to jail…”

    MLK would have spit in her face.

    God bless the brave men and women of Law Enforcement.

    Blue Lives Matter
    Blue Lives are Critical

    • Kristen Loomis

      MLK Jr is probably spinning in his grave right now. These are not his values and this was not his message. They are trying their damnedest to rip apart what progress the civil rights movement made and MLK Jr’s dream.

      And the media… the fucking media eating it up like a starving dog and then puking it back out to as big of an audience as possible. This shit is mayhem; disgusting, ignorant, misled, toxic mayhem.

  • LadyoftheCats

    This BLM is nothing but a bunch of bullies and terrorists. I won’t stand for their bullying agenda. Bless law enforcement! #BackTheBlue

  • A Almeda

    It’s the liberal media like CNN (editing videos to discredit police) and popular celebrities like Beyonce and athletes like Kaepernick that empower this radical group. Oh I forgot, Obama too is responsible big time. He kinda defends BLM by blaming bigotry for what happened to the 5 slain Dallas officers. What an amazing commander in chief he is. But I blame the public more for believing in all this liberal agenda crap. I’m from a third world country, and I don’t see any difference nowadays between my country of origin (Philippines) and the United States. My advice.. Get over this “America is racist” crap. The president is black and spanish will soon be the majority race here. How can you say that there is racism? I am minority, my skin is brown, I have a spanish last name, but I have never experienced any bigotry whatsoever. If I acted like a gangbanger, then maybe I would..and that would be my own fault, not the police’s.

    • Scribler

      You my friend make an excellent point. People aren’t “harassed” by police for being a certain color, but for having a criminal, wrongly entitled, state of mind. It is not wanting to follow the rules of society that bring about these issues. You cannot do whatever you want and you cannot live outside of the law, no matter what race you are.

  • Kristen Loomis

    Looks like a gun to me

    • Maximillian

      Then you clearly were not paying attention to the dash cam footage it doesn’t lie.

      I’ve seen the video more then once and not once did the victim have a gun .

      Trying to distort the narrative is corrupt and wrong.

      • Kristen Loomis

        Where, pray tell, is the dash cam footage? I’m under the impression that the only video they were releasing at this time was the surveillance footage that very clearly shows him pull a gun from his waistband before tucking it and running.

        Are you sure you’re even commenting on the same case the rest of us are?

        • Maximillian

          Im referring to the man who was on his way home in Oklahoma honey I dont know which one you are referring to I think there is a miscommunication in this regard.

          • Kristen Loomis

            Yeah we were definitely talking about two separate incidents. I was referring to the young Mister Snell.

          • Maximillian

            I’ll check that out its sad there are that many .

          • Kristen Loomis

            It really is, and it only seems to be getting worse instead of better… then again, we get fed the vile sensational stories by the media who are apparently incapable of just telling news as it really is, without a political leaning.

  • Maximillian

    When it’s a legitimate threat it is a completely different story .

    The incident in Oklahoma a man had no weapons on him and had his hands raised for the police to take him in.

    One of the policemen was overheard claiming the man looked menacing and towered over her or something to that effect .

    This same policemen then shot this man and the video clearly shows that he wasn’t doing anything at the time he was shot .

    The video then clearly shows one of the officers claiming shots had been fired they conveniently however did not make it clear that they were the ones that pulled the trigger at that time not the man that was already surrendering.

    It isn’t all police that are the ISSUE in this country it is only SOME corruption and unprofessionalism is not what one should want in someone that protects and serves the public .

    However that being said I equally find the actions of some within this organization detrimental,uncalled for,and deplorable.

    Violence and destruction of public property is not the answer to this problem it doesn’t send the right message and it ultimately only hurts what this organization is fighting for.

    • True Conservative American

      Lies matter. His hands were not in the air when he was shot. That is simply a lie. He was not complying in any manner. You r deceptive and dishonest

      • Maximillian

        That would be your self sir not me.

        I’m not the one spewing hate and justifying murder that would be YOU and your party…As usual.

        • True Conservative American

          I wrote a statement that was factual. You said his hands were in the air raised for the police to take him in. I pointed out that he had lowered his hands just before being shot. He was not complying the officers were offering him to get down and he walked back to his car and reached toward the window which is when he was shot. You claim i am seeing hate and justifying murder. Stating facts is not spewing hate also if u could point out where I justified murder. I actually am not claiming this was a completely justified shooting. I don’t have all the facts nor do you. This màn had a violent past which the officers likely were aware of when they called in the licence plate on his vehicle. He also was not complying so he did contribute to his own death. He was acting erratic and likely high on pcp. This is a tragedy. I do wish more effort would have been made to bring him under control without shooting but again I was not there and u nor I had to make a life or death decision in a highly tense situation.

  • Me Jane

    A sandwich and a book…the lack of intelligence here is extremely sad

  • Ias

    If it was a private meeting what makes them think they can just Bogart… SMH..
    Good job Officers

  • Barb Soto Ray

    There a bunch of losers and what they are doing is a Joke,, they are making it all a JOKE!!! I wish this BITCH WOULD SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  • Jim Tresider

    big fuckin deal the police killed a gang member, a negro with a gun. It doesn’t matter if he’s 12 or 30 if he’s carrying a gun then they die by the gun.

    • Maximillian

      This right here is exactly the issue with your political party that is intolerance and prejudice at the same time.

      • Kristen Loomis

        I don’t think politics has anything to do with a bigoted opinion, those are usually formed long before declaring a political stance.

        • Maximillian

          Its part of it honey no question but I wont bother again I assure you.

          To have a differing opinion and showing respect for that opinion seems to be a hard concept for some of you to clearly comprehend these comments are proof of this .

          Enjoy your day.

          • Kristen Loomis

            I would have to agree that some people have issues accepting/respecting an opinion that differs from their own. It’s important to have other opinions because it helps you think.

            I’m sorry if you felt like you couldn’t contribute freely, and I doubly apologize if I made it seem like your opinion wasn’t valid.

          • Maximillian

            You didn’t you have a lovely personality .

            I think the BLM are misguided and out of control I’ll be completely honest I understand some of what they feel is frustration but violence and destruction is never the answer.

            MLK JR tried to unite people he represented the message of peace and solidarity this violence,shooting one another,and destroying property to prove a point does nothing but damage what this movement SHOULD stand for.

            I look forward to further dialogue with you about this dear.

            Have a lovely evening.

          • Kristen Loomis

            I think what bothered me the most in the video is when they tried to liken what they were doing to what MLK Jr did and supported.

            What they have become is a gross distortion of what they could have been and I feel it was disrespectful to MLK Jr’s legacy, if you will, and what he stood for. Just because he was arrested 50+ times does not mean you have a goal to meet. You are not getting arrested for martyrdom. You’re getting arrested because you think you can operate above the law and when you find out otherwise, don’t disgrace a great man’s name, just say you f’d up.

            This movement *should* stand for protecting black youth while encouraging them to get educated, get good jobs, support one another in a positive manner. Treat people with respect, especially authority, even if you disagree to your toes with what they’re saying, get out of the situation alive and then deal with your grievance with the proper person (which would not be your neighbor, unless your neighbor is that guy’s superior). This movement should be encouraging fathers and mothers to both be involved with their children and to set good examples because how else will they succeed unless they have a strong foundation? Can a single parent raise a good kid who accomplishes things, we’ve seen that happen; we’ve also seen the flip side where it doesn’t turn out well.

            There are so many things to focus on, they should not be worried about playing politics. They’ve lost their civil rights group title and turned into God only knows what, but I don’t like it.

      • Jim Tresider

        How can one tolerate a criminal of any race? and I said Negro I did not call him a NIGGER . what was so prejudice about my comment.

    • True Conservative American

      I’m a strong Conservative and I am offended by your generalization. Gang members should be dealt with no matter what race they are. There are many law abiding great black citizens who have the same rights to get concealed carry or possess a gun as anyone else. No criminal , regardless of race should be allowed weapons and should be punished more severely for criminally using a gun. I agree gangs need to be stopped but just stop the racial generalizations it makes decent ppl and those of us who r against this blm garbage look bad

      • Jim Tresider

        That one was a gang member and he was a negro. whats so wrong about that , if he was a Latino with a gun I’d say the same thing, if he was white oops Caucasian I’d still say it. If any dumb ass points a gun at a cop they deserve what ever happens . And BLM is a terrorist organization . ( BURNER’S, LOOTER’S & MURDERERS )

  • ButtercupKelley

    Since they have so much time on their hands for these protests, how can they hold down jobs? If they have no jobs, who is paying them? How do they have money to bail out? Are they paying taxes on the income they are being given?

    Always follow the money!!

  • Rod Bernsen

    And yet another reason I am thrilled to be a retired LAPD sergeant

  • Maximillian

    Great example of censoring free speech that differs from yours .

    Way to show TOLERANCE as usual smh.

  • Sharon ODonnell

    BLM= lawless Domestic terrorists
    .inciting violence ..
    these feral animals need a dose of Reality .A 8×10 cell with 6 other girls .Racist bitches
    How about .accountabilty of the parents and the. 18 YO thug.PERIOD .
    BUILD a Big Jail ,
    When You
    President Trump

  • Phil Gray

    BLM needs to learn the laws, need to learn what martin Luther king really stood for. Need to really learn to support their race instead of a bunch of losers. Maybe if they started to police their own race they would be better off instead of supporting their race’s bad habits. Welfare reform and good Moral values. I know good black Men and women , they hold themselves and their families accountable. Stop labeling yourself and others will not label you. this whole bull-crap about African-American makes me laugh, How many of you actually were born in Africa let alone your parents or even your grandparents and immigrated from there and have a passport and Visa from there. Went through the immigration process. and can use the term African American , Either you are an American or you aren’t either way start acting like one maybe people will start treating you like one. get some self respect show some respect maybe you will also get some. get the Freaking chips off your shoulders and stop expecting everyone to pay your way and quit acting like the world owes you, Hell, I was born a poor white boy I had to work for everything I got why shouldn’t you? I am Old school learned respect showed it, Got an education worked my way up Did well took care of my family did shuck those responsibilities. Last i knew we had Black President Black attorney generals (two of them), Black Doctors, Doctors Congressmen Senators. So this whole you hold me down cause I am a black man doesn’t fly any more. The only one who holds the back man down is the black man. Ever wonder why so many black people are in jail because 13% of the U.S. population are Black yet they commit 53% of all crimes. yes those are the real statistics. Every one wants to cry a river until the real numbers come out. Sorry but I don’t cry rivers for people who commit crimes; what I do , is support real people of all races and nationalities (Americans) who obey the laws of America

  • Rational_Thinker_Returns

    Far too tolerant. Ask them once to vacate, then arrest their terrorist butts.

  • David E Brown

    BLM is not interested in the truth