Patrick Hale, Man Who Captured Killer Fugitives Says He Used Prayer, Not Guns

Patrick Hale says that he used prayers, not guns, to capture Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose.

Patrick Hale says that he used prayers, not guns, to capture Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose.

Patrick Hale Says God, Not Guns, Stopped Donnie Rowe And Ricky Dubose

Christiana, Tenn. – After Patrick Hale was hailed as a hero in national headlines for holding killer fugitives Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose at gunpoint, he’s saying that the national media narrative is wrong; he used prayer, not guns to stop the killers.

As originally reported by the mainstream media, and covered by Blue Lives Matter:

On Thursday, June 15, Patrick Hale, “…was alerted somehow, he looked outside and saw the suspects trying to steal his vehicle,” according to Lieutenant Bill Miller of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.  He got his gun, called a neighbor who came armed with a gun, and confronted the fugitives.

However, The Tennessean reports that while Hale said that he loaded “every gun in his house” in preparation for the fugitives, he never drew a weapon.

Hale was alerted by a neighbor about the suspects, and he needed to make a decision to barricade himself with his young daughter or flee the area. Hale called 911 and decided to get his family out of there.

“I prayed like I have never prayed before,” Patrick Hale said at a news conference on Friday.

“We got in the car and backed up quick only to find the gentlemen had been running and got much closer to my house,” Hale said. “They began to take off their shirts and wave them at us as if to slow us down.”

Hale said that he was armed, but he never drew his weapon as the suspects surrendered to him.

“I began to slowly back up as they came closer,” he said. “At that point, I realized I had two ex-cons wanted for murder who just shot at law enforcement and nothing to lose. And for some reason, they started to surrender and lay down on their stomachs on my concrete driveway.”

It took three minutes for the deputies to arrive, and during that time the fugitives got up for a drink of water and then laid back down to surrender.

“If that doesn’t make you believe in Jesus Christ, I don’t know what will,” Hale said.