Palm Beach County Sheriff’s K9 Kasper Takes A Bullet Meant For Deputy

Palm Beach K9 Kasper is expected to recover after getting shot.

Palm Beach K9 Kasper is expected to recover after getting shot.

K9 Kasper Shot While Defending Handler

Jupiter, FL –  Palm Beach County Sheriff’s K9 Kasper is recovering after taking a bullet meant for his handler on Friday, according to Fox13News.

On Friday at around 4 AM, Phillip Oshea robbed Duggan’s Pub, a suburban West Palm Beach Bar. After the robbery, Oshea got into his vehicle and fled. Palm Beach deputies pursued Oshea down Okeechobee Boulevard to an industrial area just west of I-95 where he crashed his car.  He got out of his car and opened fire on deputies, who returned fire. One deputy received minor injuries during the shootout from diving for cover.

Oshea fled the scene before a perimeter could be set up, carjacked a woman, and left the area.  Palm Beach deputies located Oshea in Jupiter, and they got into a gun battle.  During that shootout, K9 Kasper was shot while trying to protect his handler.

Kasper underwent surgery Friday night, is listed in stable condition, and is expected to recover.

“He’s on antibiotics and is walking fairly well, all things considered,” the vet said.

Phillip Oshea was shot and killed during the gunfight.  He had been described as “a dangerous individual” and was wanted for a May 2 robbery in Raleigh, North Carolina.  He had an extensive criminal history and had been to prison several times.

Three unidentified deputies who were involved in the gunfight have been placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure for an officer-involved shooting.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to brave K9 Kasper. We hope that you get well soon.

The justifiably-dead criminal will no longer be a threat to society, but in cases where police K9s are shot, do you think that the shooters should be charged with murder/attempted murder of a police officer? We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.