Career Criminal, Owen Gibson-Skeir, Who Raped And Beat Child, Sold Her As Sex Slave, Gets A Stern Talking To, Slap On Wrist

Owen Gibson-Skeir was given a light sentence despite how heinous his crimes were.

Owen Gibson-Skeir was given a light sentence despite how heinous his crimes were.

Child Rapist, Owen Gibson-Skeir, Given Light Sentence

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Admitted gang member, Owen Gibson-Skeir, age 21, used a 14-year-old girl as sex slave then sold her out to other men for sex. For that crime and others stemming from it, he was sentenced to only seven years in prison on Friday, after his lawyer argued that he had a rough upbringing.

According to CTV News, the victim met OwenGibson-Skeir online in late 2015.  He is known on the streets as Staxx, which is street slang for a pile of money.  Eventually Staxx, who was 20 at the time, took her to meet his parents.

And shortly afterward, Gibson-Skier began raping and beating the victim. By January 2016, Gibson-Skeir was selling the child out as a sex slave. Gibson-Skeir took explicit photos of the victim, posted them on a classified website, and then arranged all of her ‘liaisons,’ mostly at local hotels and an apartment.

Gibson-Skeir kept all of the money that the victim ‘earned’ and she had to steal food and clothing.  He would slap her face, pull her hair, slam her against a refrigerator, choke her so forcefully that he left handprints on her throat to keep her in line.

Sometimes the men that the victim had sex with would ask her how old she was. The Crown attorney said that no one reported it to anyone, and no one did anything about it.

At one point, the victim was injured in a traffic crash and hospital staff noticed that she had been cutting herself.  She was kept in the hospital for six days.  Her family tried to intervene but she went back to Gibson-Skeir with a cast on her arm. He told her that she couldn’t make any money looking like that so he pulled the cast off.

The pain from having the cast pulled off was too much for the victim who fled back to her family. Her family called the police.

Only her ordeal was not over. Owen Gibson-Skeir began sending messages to the victim, threatening her, and telling her to come back to her ‘daddy.’  When nothing worked, he demanded a $10,000 exit fee and sent her parents a picture of himself holding a gun. A clear threat on their lives if they didn’t pay up.

The Crown attorney said that “there is nothing more heinous, more offensive and degrading than the selling of children for sexual services. That’s as low as humanity gets.”

Owen Gibson-Skeir was arrested in 2016 and pleaded guilty to three charges – two related to human trafficking and one count of sexual assault.   He blamed his actions on his ‘rough upbringing’  before he was sent to a foster home.  He had 59 criminal convictions, including past robbery and firearms offenses.

He was the first person ever convicted of human trafficking in the Provence under “tough” laws implemented a decade ago.

His sentence was reduced to five years and six months to account for time already spent in jail.  As he left the courtroom on Friday, he looked at the victim, who was sitting with her family in the back of the courtroom. He made a gesture as if he were firing a gun in her direction.

Owen Gibson-Skeir was charged with uttering threats and intimidating justice officials, which are pending.

It’s unbelievable that a known gang member with 59 previous convictions was able to freely walk the streets of Halifax and prey on this teenage victim. There are no excuses for this behavior, only a belief that he thinks he is above the law and it doesn’t apply to him. People like this need to be removed from society in order to protect more potential victims. Sadly, it won’t be too long before he’s back on the streets.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and her family.

Do you think that this is justice for the victim? We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.

  • TedStyle

    poor guy with rough upbringing, maybe this 60th conviction should make him finally change his ways.

  • duder1897

    Hopefully he will be raped to death in jail.

  • Jason Mills

    Well now that I know he is in my country and what he looks like.. open season anyone?

  • Gatman

    Low gutter trash goblin needs 240 grains of lead…

    • jennifer

      the judge is no better then the thug that did this to a 14 yr old.

  • Pamelita243

    Shame on the judge!

  • Margaret Lux


  • CanterburyTom

    I didn’t think the 44th POTUS could appoint judges in Canada? Go figure.

  • Tom Jackson

    I thought everyone in Canada was nice.

  • bigtony8

    Shame on this article.. You tell us how bad this guy is and get everyone all fired up. Then you never tell the people who this Judge is that gave him this weak sentence .. Put the judges name on here with his number. Put the local Politicians name on here also, Maybe they can have the judge removed if enough public pressure. Just don’t get everyone fired up then leave it at there.

  • Hollie Winn

    NO justice!! Hopefully, though, there will be justice served when he IS in jail……and hopefully he won’t live through it! And that judge….SHAME ON YOU….YOU SHOULD BE DISBARRED!

  • gary

    needs to be hung

  • Les Hilet

    They left a couple of zero’s off the sentence. Hope he goes into general population and the guards put the word out, about his crimes

  • Warner Walker

    So when the girl who was abused abuses someone else? She will get of free because she had a rough upbringin?
    I don’t see the logic.

  • Dennis Robison

    Law has failed to provide justice

  • James

    So when does he get convicted of rape and murder and sex trafficking 2018? Is that the big year where we miraculously wake up to the pattern of criminal recidivism among dangerous gang members? Previous charges at 59?? Here’s to wishful thinking and the death penalty dilemma freeing the general public up for the sacrifice at the hands of the deranged and sick. I hope Canadian Homeland Security watches this guy day and night and stings the entire gang operation like ASAP!