LATEST: Orlando Police Gas Out Looters Who Were Loading Guns – End SWAT Standoff

SWAT took two looters into custody who tried to steal guns from Academy Sports.

SWAT took two looters into custody who tried to steal guns from Academy Sports.

Orlando Police End Standoff At Academy Sports

Orlando, FL – Orlando PD has announced that they have all suspects in custody from the incident where looters were loading stolen firearms at Academy Sports in Orlando on Sunday.

The police department has released a statement which says that on Sunday night at around 5:11 PM, Orlando PD received a call about the burglary in progress at Academy Sports, 3557 Gardens Ridge Way.

The suspects could be seen on video loading stolen firearms which they appeared to be trying to loot just before Hurricane Irma hit.

One of the suspects surrendered and was taken into custody within 10 minutes, but the other suspect refused to surrender.

After an almost 3-hour long SWAT standoff, with the second suspect refusing to give up, SWAT deployed gas and were able to take the second suspect into custody.

All suspects are now in custody and there is no more danger to any life or property.

No other looting incidents have been reported in the Orlando area. Orlando PD tweeted that they want people to know that reports of looting aren’t true.

Orlando Sentinel reports that the academy sports incident wasn’t “looters” it was “burglars” who were simply burglarizing a place during what would be business hours, if the place wasn’t closed due to a hurricane.

And there wasn’t a “standoff” with SWAT, police were just “on scene” for three hours before they had to deploy gas to arrest the last armed suspect.

They blamed an “Orlando television reporter” for “incorrectly” suggesting that there was a “standoff.” Because apparently, an armed barricaded subject holding off police for three hours isn’t a “standoff.”

The reporter that they are blaming is apparently WFTV reporter Karla Ray, who reported:

“#BREAKING- law enforcement source says SWAT standoff underway at Orange Co Academy Sports store as someone inside tries to loot GUNS. #wftv”

Over one dozen looters have been arrested in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale after looting shoes at Foot Locker stores.