Orland Park’s New Vehicle Sticker Getting Attacked For Supporting Law Enforcement

Orland Park's new vehicle stickers show support for local law enforcement.

Orland Park’s new vehicle stickers show support for local law enforcement.

Orland Park Supports Police

Orland Park, IL – Orland Park residents were asking for something to show support for law enforcement, so the city release was a new sticker of the thin blue line with the message on it of “Orland Park Supports Police.”  Unfortunately, you can’t say anything about supporting police without the anti-police crowd whining.

The new sticker features a black and white American flag with a horizontal blue stripe just below the field of stars, and the above message, according to The Chicago Times.

Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin said that several village residents had requested that the city do something to support law enforcement, and in particular, the work of Orland Park Police Officers.  In a news release, he said “We want our local police and law enforcement across the country to know that Orland Park supports them.  Police officers on all levels have had a hard time these past few years and it’s time for people to thank them for their service.”

The stickers will go on sale after Memorial Day, 2017, and will remain on vehicles for two years.  The current sticker reflects the village’s support for the Department of Defense’s 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, while the previous sticker showed its support for the 50th anniversary of the village’s Lions Club.

Facebook response was very positive, with comments such as ‘awesome’, ‘excellent’, and ‘way to go, Orland Park.’ One resident said that ‘it was wrong’ and ‘thumbed its nose at Black Lives Matter’, and that the sticker demonstrated once again the fact that black people are less important.

Some residents expressed fears of having their windshield shattered.  One resident brought up a court decision, Wooley v. Maynard.  The ruling in that case was that “government cannot force individuals to act as mobile billboards for its ideological message.”  Of course the Illinois chapter of the ACLU and the Citizen Advocacy Center agreed with the ruling that the resident mentioned.

The ACLU suggested an alternative sticker because there is a possibility of a resident receiving a ticket if the sticker is not visible.  Ed Yohnka, of the Illinois ACLU, said that the sticker comes at a time when people are thinking about what kind of policing they want, and “…either you support the police or you support Black Lives Matter.”

It’s a sad day in American when support for law enforcement is questioned, either individually or as a group.  I commend the village of Orland Park for its support, and sincerely hope they don’t cave to pressure or political correctness.  When the choice has to be made between supporting police officers, who serve and protect, and are prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice on a daily basis, or a hate-filled, anti-police, political organization, that’s also sad.

Do you want to show your support for police with your own decal? You can buy official Blue Lives Matter decals on Warrior 12’s website. And every person who joins Blue Lives Matter’s membership will also get a decal so they can proudly show that they support police officers.