OneUnited Bank Releases Black Lives Matter Debit Card – Promotes Only Black-Owned Businesses

Was there not a single person at OneUnited who realized that their Black Lives Matter card features somebody who's blue?

Was there not a single person at OneUnited who realized that their Black Lives Matter card features somebody who’s blue?

Black Lives Matter and OneUnited Bank Promote Black Discrimination Of Non-Black-Owned Businesses

OneUnited Bank has partnered with Black Lives Matter to issue a Black Lives Matter debit card to encourage “black banking.”

Part of Black Lives Matter’s political platform is to encourage racial discrimination by telling people to spend money at black-owned businesses and bank with only black-owned banks.

According to OneUnited, in a statement from February 07, 2017, the largest black-owned bank in the country announced a ‘historic’ partnership with the anti-police hate-spewing political organization, Black Lives Matter.

OneUnited said that the new debit card was released during February because it is Black History Month.  The debit card, known as Amir, is designed to organize $1.2 trillion in ‘black spending power.’

And what makes it even more special is that everyone who receives the new ‘Amir’ debit card from OneUnited will receive instructions on how to donate to Black Lives Matter.

But what would you expect given the bank’s CEO?  Kevin Cohee, the CEO and Chairman of OneUnited, asked the government to lend the bank $50 million in TARP funds, according to Gateway Pundit.  It was then discovered the types of expenses that Cohee had received from OneUnited.

Business Insider reported that OneUnited had paid for Cohee’s expensive car collection and his $6.4 million beachfront house in 2010.  Also in 2010, illegal drugs were found in the residence and Cohee was part of a drug diversion program where his charges were eventually dismissed.  The government eventually paid $12 million to Cohee and OneUnited to bail the bank out.  The residence and Cohee’s expensive car collection were ordered to be sold.

If white people had a very public white-owned bank, and issued a debit card to honor a white hate group, there would be a legitimate outcry.  Especially if that bank provided instructions on how to donate to the hate group.

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