Ohio State Trooper Brian Mull Falls Off Overpass During Fight With Suspect

Trooper Brian Mull fell from an overpass while fighting with a suspect.

Trooper Brian Mull fell from an overpass while fighting with a suspect.

Trooper Brian Mull Falls Off Overpass

Toledo, OH – Ohio State Trooper Brian Mull remains hospitalized after he fell off an overpass while fighting to arrest a suspect.

The incident occurred about 4 AM on the I-75 overpass, according to The Toledo Blade.  After a traffic stop on I-23, Blissfield, Michigan police officers initiated pursuit of a vehicle.  Blissfield police officers continued pursuit into Ohio on I-475, and Ohio troopers picked up the pursuit on I-75.

Trooper Mull attempted to stop the vehicle that was wanted by Blissfield police, according to WTOL. The car continued on I-75 north, without having its headlights on.  The Ohio State Highway Patrol said the driver of the vehicle attempted to elude the troopers by weaving through a construction zone and speeding.  His vehicle then crashed into Trooper Mull’s cruiser.

The vehicle continued on I-75 until the driver reached the Stickney Avenue overpass.  He got out of his car, which was still in drive, ran to the overpass, and had one leg on it when Trooper Mull grabbed it.  Both of them then fell out off the bridge.

Toledo Post Commander Lieutenant Shaun Robinson said that he was not sure how far Trooper Mull fell, but that he was transported to Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center for treatment.  He said that the trooper, age 34, had broken “multiple bones and bruising”, but is expected to recover.  He is a five-year veteran of the OHSP.

He said that the suspect was also transported to the same hospital, but did not know his name.  He was reported to be injured, but not as seriously as Trooper Mull.  He will be charged after he is released.

Many law enforcement officers responded to the hospital for Trooper Mull. Lieutenant Robinson said, “Anytime an officer is injured in the line of duty, that automatically brings out everyone to make sure they’re okay.  So it’s nice to see that and especially all the officers for us and TPD, Lucas County. It’s been nice to see them reach out and make sure everyone is going to be okay.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ohio State Trooper Brian Mull.  Get well, soon.

  • Tabludama

    The Ferguson Effect continues. Obama’s police and race baiting has its consequences.

    • Sandra Pizzi


  • duder1897

    Execute him for attempted murder.

  • Not pro Israel

    F’d up.

  • Joyce Jonus

    Our prayers go out to this officer for a full and complete recovery. Thank you for serving our community Sir

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  • Ellen Travers

    I hope the Trooper will eventually heal and be back on duty before too long. Hope the other guy recovers enough to go to jail and suffer.

  • dan

    I guess the trooper used excessive force trying to save the perp! After he assaulted the trooper with his auto perhaps a taser action would have been justified. I think so!

    • Sandra Pizzi

      like you were there……..right……….?

  • Harry Kennedy

    Godspeed on Trooper Mulls journey to full recovery!!

  • Filet-O-Fug

    …was the photo of Trooper Mull taken before or after his fall?…

    • shooter2009

      Your snark is undeserved and unfunny.

      • Waldetto

        You can tell from his look there is shite in his pants, so I would guess after!

    • Bill Simmons