Our Only Official Blue Lives Matter Shirt

Blue Lives Matter Shirt

Warrior 12 Blue Lives Matter shirt

The Official Blue Lives Matter shirt

Warrior 12 apparel is partnered with Blue Lives Matter to make our official Blue Lives Matter shirt.

We partnered with Warrior 12 because they are a brand founded by law enforcement officers and have an extreme focus on quality. We know that every shirt they produce will “wow” customers who wear them.

Warrior 12 is the only company which gives money from sales of Blue Lives Matter items to Blue Lives Matter.

Blue Lives Matter was founded based on the need of law enforcement.

On August 9, 2014, Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson was doing his job as he stopped Michael Brown, who had just committed a robbery of a local convenience store. Brown attacked Officer Wilson in an aggravated assault.

Officer Wilson was forced to defend his life by shooting Brown. In the months that followed, agitators spread outright lies and distortions of the truth about Officer Wilson and all police officers.

The media catered to movements such as Black Lives Matter, whose goal was the vilification of law enforcement. Criminals who rioted and victimized innocent citizens were further given legitimacy by the media as “protesters.”

America watched as criminals destroyed property, and assaulted and murdered innocent people, and they labeled these criminals as victims.

Personal responsibility for one’s actions went away, replaced by accusations of racism and an unjust government.

It seemed that almost every media organization was spreading the absurd message that people were being shot by law enforcement simply because of the color of their skin.

Even our political leaders pandered to these criminals and helped to spread this false narrative, with no thought of the consequences.

On December 20, 2014, NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos and Officer Wenjian Liu were ambushed and murdered by a fanatic who believed the lies of Black Lives Matter, the media, and politicians.

While reporting on the murder of these heroes, the media continued to spread the false narrative of Black Lives Matter.

Even the largest law enforcement media companies, who purport to be all for the police, helped spread misinformation through re-posting articles written with an anti-police bias.

At that moment, we realized that the major law enforcement news companies weren’t run by law enforcement, and they only cared about saving time and money by copying anti-police biased news sources.

The officers who founded this organization were motivated by the heroic actions of Officer Darren Wilson, and many others, and decided to create this organization in the hopes that we could prevent more officers from being hurt.

Blue Lives Matter formed and gathered supporters of law enforcement on Facebook to distribute information which accurately reflected the realities of law enforcement.

We could not afford to continue operating without the support of companies like Warrior 12.

When you look to buy a Blue Lives Matter shirt, don’t just give your money to a place that is selling you cheap crap to make a buck. Buy Warrior 12’s Blue Lives Matter shirt and help support our cause.