Crowdfunding Site For First Responders Only Is Much Better Than GoFundMe

Jessica Langgin is the executive director of OfficerDown.US.

Jessica Langgin is the executive director of OfficerDown.US.

Jessica Langgin With OfficerDown.US, Makes Crowdfunding Campaigns Non-Profit For First Responders

I want to make sure that all first responders who may need any crowdfunding assistance are aware of OfficerDown.US. Despite it’s name, it’s not just for fallen officers.

Thanks to Jessica Langgin and her retired law enforcement family, OfficerDown.US is available to assist with all police related financial needs.

This national 501c3 nonprofit organization hosts a website for any crowdfunding relating to law enforcement. Think of it like GoFundMe for first responders, and donors get a tax write-off.

https://OfficerDown.US is designed to bring together law enforcement and the community of supporters to a place where we can all help each other.

Your fundraisers could include, but are not limited to, FOPs, Explorers, Honor Guard, benefits, memorials, family illness, injured or fallen, whether in the line of duty or not, community events, medical assistance, K-9, equestrian, and more.

Basically, if it’ll benefit law enforcement, their families, or their departments, then OfficerDown.US will host the campaign.

Every donor receives an instant receipt with the IRS tax ID number for potential write-offs.

Donors can be comforted in the fact that this organization takes measures to verify campaigns prior to publishing them. Those who are raising funds funds also get the bonus distribution of OfficerDown.US’s social media accounts.

After speaking with Jessica Langgin, we’re confident that she will do everything that she can to help your campaign succeed.

Is there a cause that you need to raise funds for? You can start your crowdfunding on OfficerDown.US today.