NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu’s Daughter Born Almost Three Years After His Murder

Assassinated NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu's wife gave birth to his baby girl, Angelina.

Assassinated NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu’s wife gave birth to his baby girl, Angelina.

Officer Wenjian Liu’s Wife Gives Birth To His Daughter

Miracles do happen, and out of the deepest sorrow remains hope.  That hope was evident on Monday, July 24, when fallen hero New York Police Officer Wenjian Liu’s widow gave birth to his daughter.

Officer Liu, age 32, was assassinated, along with NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos, as they sat in their cruiser on December 20, 2014.  He had been married only three months, to Pei Xia Chen, whose nickname is ‘Sanny’, according to The New York Post.

After Officer Liu was shot, he was transported to a Brooklyn hospital, and doctors asked Chen if she wanted his semen preserved. After somebody dies, there is generally a 24 hour period when their sperm can be collected and frozen.

Chen said yes, and later became pregnant through in vitro fertilization.

Their daughter Angelina was born about 4:35 AM on Monday.

Chen calls the baby ‘Angel’, because her husband appeared to her in a dream, before she was inseminated, looking like an angel, and that he handed her a baby.  A friend, another NYPD widow, Maria Dziergowski, said that the baby is “adorable, smiling, laughing”, and that she has “a lot of black hair.”

Dziergowski, who met Chen through an extended group of NYPD widows, was three months pregnant with her second child when her husband, NYPD Officer Matthew Dziergowski, was killed by a drunk driver on Valentine’s Day 1999.

Chen called her husband “my hero” at his funeral, and said that she wears his badge every day. She keeps her husband’s police hat at her hospital bedside, as a tribute to Officer Liu.

Dziergowski said that Officer Liu’s parents “were very emotional, crying, and holding the baby.”

Many friends and officers, who gave her a baby shower about two weeks ago, stopped by to congratulate Chen.