Police Officer Targeted At Home

The results of a police officer targeted at his home

The results of a police officer targeted at his home.

Police Officer Targeted At Home

We were recently contacted by Peggy Myers, the wife of police officer Fernando Dominguez. She shared a disturbing story with us about how her husband was targeted at home for the simple fact that he is a hero in his community. While America is up in arms about the false narrative that police are inherently racist murderers, Fernando Dominguez was clearly targeted based of the sole fact that he wears a badge.

Peggy shared this story with us:

On Saturday, October 22,2016, at approximately 0930 hours I was informed by my neighbor that my personal vehicle was vandalized by an unknown subject(s).

I notified my husband, Fernando Dominguez (who is a police officer), who at the time of the notification of the incident was upstairs.

Both of us walked outside and noticed that “F U COP” was spray painted in what appeared to be in “construction yellow” paint on the side of our family vehicle. The estimated value of damage to the family vehicle is approximately $1,000.

After, [we] notified the local sheriffs department, Osceola County Sheriff’s Department, to report the incident.

The neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous due being in fear for retaliation to their property and family, stated that at approximately 0050 hours on October 23, 2016, that two unknown male subjects voice were heard talking in the area. The neighbor advised that no one was seen or recognized.

While we waited for the S.O. to respond Fernando, made contact with neighbors in efforts to obtain any suspect information, but was met with negative results. Fernando also canvassed the neighborhood for fellow neighbors possibly having security footage again was met with negative results.

At this time we do not have any suspect information.

I also want to add that this has not only kept my husband on high alert at home on his time off, which doesn’t allow him any time to unwind and relax off duty, but it has also opened my children’s eyes to the hatred their father and occasionally I do based on the uniform my husband chose to wear.

This has brought forward conversations I never wanted to have with my children about the “what ifs” when it comes to their dad’s job. They are finally realizing why we make them run through scenarios of who is safe to talk with at our front door, when someone we don’t know approaches us out in public, and the “safe” hiding place in the house when someone I don’t know comes to the door and my husband is at work. When they were younger they thought these were safety games I played with them. Now they are realizing that these were scenarios we practiced to keep them aware of their surroundings because of the career choice my husband made.

My fear as a wife and mother is that the rhetoric we hear in politics and in the media, especially with groups like BLM, will only continue to further incite actions like those taken against my family this weekend and even worse. This shouldn’t be an issue of the public against the police. It should be the public and police against the criminals. At no time should race or career choice come into play.

I also want to point out what an amazing community we live in. Once our neighborhood had heard what happened to our vehicle and family, we had several neighbors come to our house with buckets of water, rags, and cleaning products. They cleaned our vehicle off for us so we wouldn’t have to deal with the hatred alone. We also had 6 neighbors come sit with us outside while we waited for the county pd to respond to our house and take the report. We also had 4 more neighbors private message me offering to bring cameras and recording equipment to use at our house until we could buy and install some. I can’t even count the amount of neighbors in Harmony who sent us good wishes and reminders of how much they appreciate my husband for his service as an Leo and offers to stop by our house and check on my kids and me while my husband was on duty. There are amazing people in our community and in this world who by far outweigh the evil, hateful ones. We need to be aware of and plan for the possibilities that something like this vandalism or worse can happen but focus on the positive aspects of life like the family and friends you surround yourself with because they are the ones who will help you be proactive and not reactive.

We have reported before on these stories where law enforcement officers are targeted in their homes. Unfortunately, homes with security cameras are so rare that in most of these cases, there aren’t enough leads to catch the suspects. Those of us in law enforcement know that people with security cameras at their house are a asset to their entire neighborhood because they can often catch the suspects coming or going, if not in the act.

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