WATCH: Did The ‘World’s Worst Firearms Instructor’ Just Threaten A Police Officer’s Life?

Lucien Black (left) has hurt feelings after Officer Hy (right) said that the advice in his video can get people shot.

Lucien Black (left) has hurt feelings after Officer Hy (right) said that the advice in his video can get people shot.

Lucien Black Releases Video Interpreted As Threat

Lucien Black (real name Michael Thervil,) AKA the “World’s Worst Firearm Instructor” appears to have had his feelings hurt after Buffalo Police Officer Richard Hy, AKA Angry Cop, posted a video criticizing one of Blacks videos.

In response, Black posted a video in which he talked about officers getting shot and suggests that it’s not hard to find people.

The issue started after Officer Hy made a video which used a video clip that Black had recently posted online. In the video, Black suggested that, if you get stopped by the police, you should unload your pistol and put it on your dashboard.

“You wanna get shot? ‘Cause that’s how you end up getting shot,” Officer Hy says in this video.

Officer’s Hy’s videos on Angry Cops are meant to be humorous and have previously got him in hot water with his department whose administrators don’t appear to appreciate all of his videos.

When Lucien Black found out about Officer Hy’s video, he responded that it was an unauthorized use of his intellectual property; Officer Hy contends that it’s fair use.

Black then posted to his Facebook page saying, “People only tough behind a computer. They NEVER do anything in real life. They bitch up when they see the steel.”

He then posted, “The amount of stuff I know about the law enforcement community. They better stop.”

Lucien Black then escalated the situation on Saturday afternoon, posting a video that people are interpreting as a veiled threat against Officer Hy.

“Where I come from, people would be held accountable for slander and talking shit about people they don’t even know,” Lucien Black says in his latest video. “They had this police officer. They blew his fuckin head off at a stop light, left him slumped over his damn wheel. That case still open. Never found the shooter.”

“Another police officer, they followed him home to his damn house. He blew his head off and killed his damn son off his damn motorcycle.” Black continued, “In this age of social media anybody can be found.”

“Why would you run the risk of doing something like that?” he added, “I’m not threatening anybody, I’m stating the facts.”

“There’s a lot of people around this country that see it as a badge of honor, a right of passage to take out a police officer.

“Recklessness and stupidity in the police community. Fuckin shame.”

Lucien Black has a long history of being deemed the “world’s worst firearms instructor.” A quick search of that term results in Black’s name coming up in just about all links.

Black became internet famous a couple of years ago when videos from his firearms training company, VODA, showed him violating every firearms safety rule. Black has uploaded numerous videos in which he points his gun at students and pulls the trigger while the unloaded guns are pointed at them.

The backlash resulted in Black losing his NRA firearms instructor certification and NC DOJ certification, but he continues to teach with no regard for basic firearms safety rules.

He still promotes his past NRA and NC DOJ training, and says that he just let his certifications go because he believes in his training and isn’t going to “ride someone’s dick.”

His casualty history is flawless though. He said recently on Facebook, “I have 0 fatalities 0 injuries for 7 years!!!”

You can see Lucien Black’s latest video and Officer Hy’s video below.

UPDATE: Facebook has removed Lucien Black’s Facebook page for promoting violence and his video went down with it.