Update: Deputy Nick Tullier Critically Wounded In Baton Rouge Terrorist Attack

Update on Deputy Nick Tullier's condition.

Update on Deputy Nick Tullier’s condition.

Update: Deputy Nick Tullier Critically Wounded In Baton Rouge Terrorist Attack

Baton Rouge, Louisiana –  East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Tullier, who was shot in the Baton Rouge terrorist attack on police, is now responding to verbal requests from his doctor.

This latest update is a huge improvement for Deputy Nick Tullier, who has been fighting for his life ever since he was critically injured in the attack that killed three other officers 45 days ago.

Deputy Nick Tullier’s father, James Tullier, is requesting more prayers as he’s confident that prayer is working. “Every day, to us, has been a miracle,” he said, to WBRZ. “He wasn’t suppose to live longer than a day. Then he wasn’t suppose to live longer than two days. Then five days. Then it became a 21 day forecast.”

James Tullier posted the following update to Facebook:

Days ago, we noticed that Nick started moving when asked to do so. I don’t like to say commanded. The first real significant time, Nick was moving his feet one at a time. Whichever foot he was asked to move, he did. It was slow, but very deliberate. He also moved just his toes up and down when asked to do so. Then he was asked to squeeze our hand, to which seemed harder to do for him. But he was able to do that and in the presence of a doctor. He also has blinked his right eye one time or two times due to requesting such. One doctor had spoken to Nick and asked if he understood to raise his thumb. That also did happen.

Some keep asking or saying “is Nick awake”. Take that however you want to. Nick has never been in a medically induced coma. I guess when he makes these movements, he has to be awake to some extent. But to say he is AWAKE, no. Also at play is whatever meds he’s on at the time. Most of the time, he’s been pretty unresponsive. Between pain meds and other drugs for different reasons, he’s out.

President Obama’s physician called yesterday to discuss rehab facilities with me. In the call, he asked about the movements. Some way he had heard. We knew it was getting around to different medical personnel. Those movements come into play with which rehab facility if best for Nick. That’s why he had to re-discuss facilities with other doctors he’s conversed with. I continue to thank President Obama and Vice-President Biden for their help and their physicians help in moving forward with making sure we are getting the best care for Nick. We owe that to our Son.

Please remember, what I’ve been describing are baby steps to this process. Nick’s not out of the woods yet. He’s not even been in the woods to be able to get our of them. Miracle? Decide for yourself. I know what I’ve seen after what I’ve been told to expect.

As Deputy Nick Tullier’s father requested, if you’re a praying person, keep the prayers coming. The injured deputy still has a long way to go.