Officer Ambushed on Traffic Stop; Paralyzed From Neck Down

Officer Mike Flamion was ambushed on a traffic stop

Officer Mike Flamion was ambushed on a traffic stop

Officer Ambushed in Patrol Car; Paralyzed From Neck Down

Ballwin, MO – Ballwin Police Officer Mike Flamion was ambushed while on a traffic stop. Officer Flamion had just finished issuing a ticket to lowlife Antonio Taylor, when Taylor jumped out of his car and shot Officer Flamion from behind. Taylor waited until after Officer Flamion was leaving before attacking; it’s likely that Taylor lured Officer Flamion into stopping him with the intent on ambushing Officer Flamion. Officer Flamion has spent many days in critical condition before stabilizing. We have now learned that Officer Flamion is permanently paralyzed from the neck down.

Fox2Now reports:

A gunshot to the left side of his neck caused injuries to his spinal cord. Flamion remains on a ventilator and responds to questions with nods and tries to mouth words. Ballwin Police Chief Kevin Scott says, “He will forever be a Ballwin officer, no questions asked.”

“The support from the entire St. Louis region has been beyond words. I know the support for officer Flamion will never waver because I can assure you that Mike, he really loves Ballwin and it is apparent that Ballwin really loves Mike.” said Ballwin Police Chief Kevin Scott.

“It is definitely day by day. The support is overwhelming. Every day I am at the hospital there are Ballwin police officers, officers from other municipalities, the county, police wives, there are just so many people there wanting to help with anything that they can. It`s an overwhelming feeling but it`s a great feeling.” said Sarah Flamion.

You can get a sense of that community support just by walking around the Ballwin Police station. The walls are covered with cards and letters and drawings from kids. They offer well wishes for officer Flamion and the entire department. There are also piles of donated food.

The lowlife who shot Officer Mike Flamion was arraigned Monday on charges of assault of a police officer, armed criminal action, and possessing a firearm as a felon. Any less than the maximum sentence would be an outrage after what he did to this hero and his family.

Officer Mike Flamion’s family will no doubt need plenty of support from the community. If you would like to help, there is a GoFundMe account set up for Officer Flamion: