Officer Jordyn Jones Performs Life-Saving Roadside CPR

Blanchard Police Department Officer Jordyn Jones was caught on video saving a life with CPR.

Blanchard Police Department Officer Jordyn Jones was caught on video saving a life with CPR.

Officer Jordyn Jones Knows Timing Is Key

Blanchard, OK – Officer Jordyn Jones of the Blanchard Police Department was captured on video as he rushed to the aid of a woman in cardiac arrest Monday.

What started out as a typical shift quickly turned into a chaotic situation when Officer Jordyn Jones attempted to pull over a speeding vehicle. The driver, Jeff Litty, immediately exited his truck and ran up to Jones, begging for help. “My wife is having a heart attack,” he exclaimed.

Without hesitation, Officer Jones rushed to assist Mr. Litty. The two men pulled Tina from the vehicle and Officer Jones began performing life-saving CPR.

The officer’s dash-cam recorded his heroic efforts.

According to News Channel 4, “I was just in panic, her face was purple,” Jones said of the incident.

Luckily for Tina Litty, Officer Jones’ quick-thinking and relentless efforts proved successful and she began breathing again.

First responders, who quickly arrived on the scene, then transported Litty to a local hospital for treatment.

Days after the incident occurred Tina Litty woke up.

“It looks like she’s going to make a full recovery, because of the quick way you administered CPR,” Mr. Litty told Officer Jones over the phone. “You definitely saved her and her mental capacities, as well.”

It has been said that Tina’s heart attack was so severe that only 10% of it’s victims survive. And fortunately for the Litty Family, Tina falls into that small category thanks to Officer Jones.

“That’s the first time it’s ever been, l’ve truly saved somebody’s life,” Officer Jones said, emotionally. “It was a blessing from the Lord, right place, right time, and just knowing how to respond.”

Most, but not all officers are trained in and required to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. It certainly proved to be a worthy skill to have for both Officer Jones and Tina Litty.

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