Ocala Man, Zach Waring, Backs Truck Over Another Vehicle As Self-Defense In Road Rage Incident

Zach Waring backed his pickup over Adalberto Aponte's car.

Zach Waring backed his pickup over Adalberto Aponte’s car.

Zach Waring Uses His Truck To Defend Family During Road Rage Incident

Ocala, FL –  In what he has described as self-defense against road rage, an 18-year-old man, Zach Waring, backed his large, 4 x 4 truck over the top of another vehicle on February 1.

According to WTSP, Waring told Ocala Police Officers that he was driving  in his truck with his girlfriend and an 11-month-old child when a suspect later identified as Adalberto Aponte, 53, came up behind him driving a Toyota Camry.

Waring said that Aponte was driving recklessly and almost caused several collisions.  When they had to stop for a red light, he said that Aponte got out of his vehicle and walked toward his truck.  According to a police report, Aponte reached into Waring’s driver’s window and “began to strike him in the face through the window multiple times.”

Waring’s girlfriend yelled at Aponte to stop.  She told Aponte that they had a gun in the truck, as a bluff to scare him. But Aponte replied, “I’ll show you a real gun.”  Waring said that he believed he had no choice at that time but to protect everyone. The red light prevented him from driving through the intersection to get away.  And that is when he backed his truck over the top of Aponte’s vehicle.

Witnesses at the scene backed up Waring’s story of what happened.  Aponte was arrested by Ocala Police Officers and charged with Burglary, Battery, Criminal Mischief, and Driving with Suspended License.  Police did not say whether a gun was found either on Aponte or in his vehicle.  Waring was not seriously injured and no one else was injured.

No word on how much damage Aponte’s vehicle sustained.

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