NYPD Shooting: Bronx Woman Shot After Attacking Officer With Bat

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NYPD Shooting: Bronx Woman Shot After Attacking Officer With Bat

New York, NY – NYPD shooting: Sergeant shoots woman who attacked him with baseball bat.

On Tuesday night, police responded to a call in a Bronx apartment building where neighbors stated that a woman was acting irrationally. When police arrived on scene, they found a woman wielding a pair of scissors in the bedroom of her apartment. Police were able to de-escalate the situation by talking to the woman and convincing her to drop the scissors.

After police were successful in getting the 66-year-old woman to drop the scissors, she then picked up a baseball bat and swung at an New York Police Department sergeant. New York police assistant chief Larry Nikunen stated that the NYPD sergeant fired two shots from his weapon, striking the woman in the chest and elbow. She was taken to the Jacobi Medical Center where she died from her injuries. No officers were harmed during the altercation.

Nikunen also stated that they have a history with the woman and have responded to calls involving her several times in the past for previous disturbances. Reuters reports that the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr called the shooting an “outrage.”

Authorities said that a full investigation is being launched and they are trying to figure out why the Sergeant did not use a Taser. Normally when an officer is met with deadly weapons like scissors and baseball bats, deadly force is reasonable.

This incident come directly after several others this week which have brought widespread criticism from certain social groups. On Sunday, a mentally ill woman was shot after pointing a realistic looking BB gun at officers and refusing to drop it. Also on Sunday, a man was shot after attacking officers with a metal rake.

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