WATCH: NYPD SBA’s Video On ‘Blue Racism’ Goes Viral – Causing Meltdowns

The NYPD SBA has called out "Blue Racism."

The NYPD SBA has called out “Blue Racism.”

‘Blue Racism’ Video Draws Criticism

New York City, NY – The NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association has made a new video over ‘blue racism’ it says is affecting officers everywhere. They came up with the phrase as a way to draw attention to discrimination they are experiencing from the public.

While groups such as Black Lives Matter have unjustly been branding police officers as racists, law enforcement officers themselves have become victims of discrimination.

From being refused service at a restaurant, to disrespect and unfounded criticism either on the street – via social media, or by the press, or being targeted and murdered just because of their job, officers are facing a lot of unjustified hatred, according to Fox News.

SBA President Ed Mullins said, “Cops are being shot at and killed just because they are cops.”

The 36-year Veteran NYPD Officer added, “Police are being made to be the bad guys and I’m not saying that there aren’t a few bad apples, but the majority of us are trying to help people and do our jobs.”

Every police officer who takes an oath is a father or mother, son or daughter, brother or sister, aunt or uncle.  They have lives, and try to better the world they live in, yet every day they put on the blue and become just another police officer, vilified by many they have chosen to serve.

On Sunday, August 20, the NYPD SBA released an almost four-minutes long video on “Blue Racism” which “intersperses shots of law enforcement officers getting ready for patrol and helping elderly citizens with scenes from recent – and often times violent – demonstrations in response to police related-shootings.”

The video illustrates how many people can’t see beyond the blue uniform to the man or woman who wears it.

In the video, the narrator said, “The average person doesn’t see those things that make me human.  They don’t even label as being African-American, Latino, Asian, Caucasian and so on. They tend to see an even broader stereotype, through an even more racist lens.  When they look at me, they see blue.”

The “more racist” comment is causing some people to melt down on social media.

The video’s narrator also mentions the approximately 700,000 police officers across the country, and shows news clips about officers who have been killed in the line of duty, from the 2016 assassinations of five Dallas police officers, to the 2016 murders of three Baton Rouge police officers, to the 2014 assassinations of two NYPD police officers as they sat in their cruisers.

Yet people seem to be given a pass when they talk about violence against police.

In response to the SBA, a blogger from Splinter News expressed incredulity at the term, and said, “It’s a truly wild claim, considering A) police aren’t actually a race, and B) police are one of the primary means of exercising actual racism across the U.S., and C) POLICE AREN’T ACTUALLY A RACE.”

Splinter News is part of Gizmodo Media Group, formerly Gawker. The company got sold-off and rebranded after Hulk Hogan took all of their money after winning a lawsuit related to a sex tape. All sites operated by the company push the message that police are racist.

Sergeant Evans said that this form of discrimination is not just from the public toward an officer, but also from restaurants and other establishments who either refuse to serve them, or who write something derogatory on their ticket or to-go box (such as “pig”.)  We’ve covered numerous such incidents.

He specifically mentioned the recent incident in a New York Dunkin Donuts where officers were in line to be served, then skipped over by the employee to go to the next person in line.

When that customer called the server out, and told him that the officers were in front of him, the server said “Yeah, I know, but I don’t serve cops.”  Sergeant Mullins said,  “What is the difference between that and refusing to serve someone who is black or Latino or Asian?

Popular Muslim Twitter user, Hend Amry, actually makes a case for the term “blue racism” while trying to discredit it, saying, “The same people using the term “blue racism” (police officer is a job) will tell you islamophobia isn’t racism because Islam isn’t a race.”

If Islamophobia is racism, then why not discrimination against police? As for the over-generalization about “the same people using the term blue racism” being somehow discriminatory, try telling that to the 1,000 Muslim police officers in the NYPD.

You can see the Blue Racism video below.