NYPD Officer Gwendolyn Bishop In Trouble For Responding to NYPD Twitter With Black Lives Matter

NYPD Officer Gwendolyn Bishop is in hot-water over a tweet with a Black Lives Matter hashtag.

NYPD Officer Gwendolyn Bishop is in hot-water over a tweet with a Black Lives Matter hashtag.

Officer Gwendolyn Bishop Facing Discipline Over Black Lives Matter Tweet

Brooklyn, NYC –  NYPD Officer Gwendolyn Bishop is in trouble with her agency after her reply to an agency’s social media post included a Black Lives Matter hashtag.

According to the New York Daily News, she replied to the to a February 17, 2016 post on NYPD’s 76th Precinct Twitter page.  The post was about a gun arrest in her precinct by a NYPD Special Ops team.  It said:

“#76Pct Special Ops Team makes arrest and recovers a loaded 9MM hand gun #onelessgun.”

Officer Bishop’s reply was “Sad day for the 76thPct.#BlackLivesMatter.”

She posted the reply under her personal Twitter account, @ducklipzanddimplzz.  The name on that account is Veronica Bishop, which is her middle and last name. The initial tweet remains but the replies and the rest of the account have been removed.

She is a four and one-half year veteran of the agency.  She told her supervisors that she didn’t remember replying to the post.  She also said that she rarely uses Twitter.

Officer Bishop’s departmental hearing was held on Tuesday.  When asked at her hearing, her reply was that she meant to type #Bluelivesmatter, and blamed her phone’s autocorrect for the mistake.

She said that she was not responding directly to the post.  Her response to Police Commissioner David Weisel was “If I had to guess, there were a lot of changes in my precinct about shifts being switched, but it had nothing to do about this gun arrest.”

Officer Bishop, who is black, posted the comment three times, and used #Bluelivesmatter in two out of three, according to her attorney.

NYPD Lieutenant Steven Rios, the 76th Precinct’s Integrity Control Officer, said that a picture from Officer Bishop’s Twitter account was the same as her Facebook page, where she identified herself as a cop who patrols Red Hook. That is part of the patrol area of the 76th Precinct.

Other violations that were heard at the hearing include an incident where Officer Bishop “mouthed off to Superior Officers” and other incidents where she violated departmental rules such as taking a break without informing a superior, going over a supervisor’s head to get time off, and conducting vertical patrols on her own.

If Officer Bishop is found guilty of all of the violations, she could face a year’s probation on the job and lose 30 vacation days.

It is not known how long it will be before the results of the hearing are back.

Many are left wondering about Officer Bishop’s seemingly conflicting stories. She said the first time that she didn’t remember replying to the post and that she rarely uses Twitter. Then she said that she meant to type #Bluelivesmatter and blamed her phone’s autocorrect.  So which is it?

Do you think that this was intentional trolling on Twitter, or an honest mistake? We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.


  • richard scalzo

    If she made two replies out of three with a different comment, then autocorrect probably was the reason. happened to me a few times.

  • pthunny

    Autocorrect sucks… I’d be more like to believe her than not, she’s on our side, and it was no rant, just a quick comment that could have gone sideways. If there is no other reason to believe she is associated with that hateful group I’d let it slide. As for other problems, they should be dealt with when they come up, not piled on after a questionable intentional/unintentional tweet.

  • andyoaklee

    Well, wow. I don’t believe in condemming anyone over a tweet, it is social media. I would be more concerned over the conflicting stories, and other actions. I would make sure she gets help of she needed discipline if needed, but not for the tweet. They are just words, and from a private account.

  • RobGoblin

    Time to call in Batman,..The greatest detective in Gotham!!!

  • Hazel Brady

    Here are some scary facts. She is a Police Officer on the largest Police Department in this Country. She is supporting a anti Police group responsible for riots resulting in police injuries and property damage across this country. FACT: she has access to private information addresses of you, and your family . The same for Judges Police, Prosecutors and other Law Enforcement Officers from other agencies. What cars you and your family drive, your dates of birth,your social security numbers, and much more . All this, she could get and give to black lives matter if they made any one of us a target . She should be fired so she no longer has access to this and other high level information on people that she could get and give to black lives matter upon their request to her

    • alldayevrryday

      I’m black. The NYPD can’t fire her based on your ridiculous conjecture. But if she is fired for merely tweeting BlackLivesMatter(which in fact is not listed by the Feds as a terrorist or violent group), she should sue the NYPD for racial discrimination and collect grievances.

    • Trew93

      Why are you treating black lives matter as a terrorist group that has all this information on police officers? It is a peaceful group that is being surveyed constantly as if it is al qaeda. Do not make ridiculous assumptions based on someone’s race.

      • Pulsifide (Foxtrot)

        Trew93 they are a terrorist group

        – 2016 Dallas officer shooting
        – 2016 Baton Rouge officer shooting

        those are just to examples

  • jennifer

    Social media or not, she should be punished for it.
    Good grief, if our law officers can not be expected to act like decent citizens,
    and support our men and women in blue, then how can we expect the thugs to?
    She needs to lose her job but at the very least, she needs to be seriously reprimanded.

    • alldayevrryday

      She can sue the NYPD, no?

    • Trew93

      then explain the officers that don’t do the right thing but go unpunished for it

  • gg

    good thing for us #blackslivesmatters..

  • duder1897

    Throw the trash in jail for a few decades.

    • Trew93

      lets start with you

      • duder1897


  • Andrew Sanchez

    You police apologists are a dying breed of fascist supporters. Stop hiding behind your rhetoric and archaic hard line anti-human cold hearted bullshit.

  • Dylan Darimi

    “Other violations that were heard at the hearing include…” suddenly having a political thought is a violation of the police code? Do police officers not believe in freedom of speech and thought and association? This article literally proves they do not.

  • Dylan Darimi

    Kill an unarmed black man, receive a promotion and paid vacation; exercise your first amendment right to free speech on your own time from a private social media account and literally harm nobody, lose your job. #coplogic #copsuckers