Hero NYPD K9 Hunter Dies

NYPD K9 Hunter died January 13, 2017.

NYPD K9 Hunter died January 13, 2017.

New York City –  Hero NYPD K9 Hunter, an 11-year-old German Shepherd, died on January 13, 2017.

According to The New York Daily News,  K9 Hunter joined the NYPD in 2006 and retired in 2014.  His partner, Detective Chris Bonomo, said “He was kind and gentle, but yet when the bell rang, it was time. He did his job.”  Hunter was trained to detect gunpowder which led to recovering multiple firearms that had been hidden by criminals and also to detect survivors of disasters.

K9 Hunter’s most challenging duty came in 2010 when he and his handler were sent to earthquake-ravaged Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  He helped look for survivors for 15 days.  Detective Bonomo said that the heat in Haiti was sweltering and that all buildings had collapsed, except for the embassy, which was partially collapsed.  He also said that “The dogs had a little bit of a challenge. It was probably about 105 to 110 there, in the peak of the day.  Hunter and the other dogs who were working had to be hosed down with water every 20 minutes.

Even after retirement, NYPD K9 Hunter found a way to touch people’s lives.  He brought joy into the life of a six-year-old leukemia patient from Georgia, Karma Little, and helped her fulfill her dream of being an NYPD Officer for one day.  Detective Bonomo said that Hunter was great with her and that she adored him.  He said that she wanted to take him home.

K9 Hunter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia toward the end of his life.  Hip dysplasia is common in older German Shepherds.  The pain became too great for him and Detective Bonomo took him to the Rosebank Animal Hospital in Staten Island.  Before going to the vet, though, Detective Bonomo took him to work one last time.  He carried him in his office because the dog was unable to walk.  After several milkbones, the Detective took his faithful partner to the vet.  Detective Bonomo said that it was rough, but that he went out with dignity.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Detective Bonomo and the NYPD in their loss of K9 Hunter.  Godspeed, K9 Hunter, we will take it from here.  Thank you for your service.

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