Officers Attacked On North Charleston School Bus, Black Lives Matter Blames Police

Police responded appropriately to a North Charleston school bus fight, with part of the response captured on video.

Police responded appropriately to a North Charleston school bus fight, with part of the response captured on video.

North Charleston School Bus Brawl Shows How Far Gone Black Lives Matter Is

North Charleston, SC – Despite even Al Sharpton’s organization siding with the police, Black Lives Matter continues to attack police in response to a school bus fight.

On February 16th at about 4 PM, a North Charleston High School bus was transporting students home when several of the students became aggressive. The white female school bus driver tried to take control of the situation and separate the agitators, but they refused to listen.

The police were called, and when the first officer arrived, he found students fighting and saying that they needed a “black bus driver,” according to News 2. One of the students started cursing at an officer rather than giving his name. The officer was placing the aggressive student in custody when he starting resisting arrest and assaulted the officer.

Another student joined in, assaulting the officer and pulling on his arm to try to stop the arrest. Another officer arrived and they wrestled the student off of the bus while the hostile crowd continued to jostle them and threatened to harm them. A female student then charged at an officer, shoving him. The officer drew his taser and other officers arrived and arrested the students who were assaulting police.

Throughout the incident, the officers handled the students calmly and professionally. Had any adults been attacking the officers or resisting arrest in such a manner, you can be sure that they would have been justifiably hit by the officers. Instead, the officers calmly took control of the students, even as they were under assault.

Black Lives Matter obtained a cell phone video of the incident from one of the students, but the words and actions of the students were indefensible, so Black Lives Matter stripped out the audio and released the audio-free version to the media. Several news agencies picked up the audio-free video and didn’t question why the audio was removed. Colin Flaherty obtained a copy of the video with audio and posted it to his YouTube channel.

WARNING (Language):

None of the students were injured by the police officers, but two police officers needed to be treated for injuries.

Black Lives Matter was quick to spread word about how their black children were brutalized by white police officers. However, ABC4News reports that Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network viewed the video and then voiced their support for the police officers doing an amazing job in a difficult situation. Let that sink in. Rev. Al Sharpton’s organization is supporting the police officers.

Rather than admit that they were wrong, or at least quietly fade away, Black Lives Matter organized a protest at the school board meeting where they yelled about the police officers failure to sprinkle magical “de-escalation” fairy dust on the students to get them to stop fighting. At least, I think that’s what they had in mind when they whined that officers failed to de-escalate.

I’d like to suggest that these protesters attempt to de-escalate two people engaged in a physical altercation and see how well that works out (HINT: It doesn’t.)

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