The NFL’s TV Ratings Drop Even Further – NFL Refuses To Acknowledge Why

The NFL's TV ratings drop again but league and TV executives refuse to blame national anthem protests.

The NFL’s TV ratings drop again but league and TV executives refuse to blame national anthem protests.

This Time, TV Execs Blame Hurricanes For Fewer Viewers

The first week of the National Football League TV ratings dropped compared to a year ago, a decline TV executives said was due to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

No NFL or TV officials blamed the growing number of NFL players protesting the police as a reason for the ratings drop.

“Thursday Night Football” was down 13 percent, and Sunday games on Fox and CBS also saw a ratings decline, according to Bloomberg News.

Only NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” had an increase in ratings.

Bloomberg News reported that the NFL wanted to start the 2017 season off well with good ratings and scheduled more appealing match-ups early in the season.

That didn’t work last week, and networks are now pointing to the weather, the news site reported.

“All eyes will be on this season’s ratings trends,” Michael Nathanson, an analyst with MoffettNathanson LLC, stated according to Bloomberg News. “Why do we care so much about the NFL? Well, that’s where the money is.”

Last year, Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers outraged many NFL fans by kneeling during the national anthem to protest police.

A survey by J.D. Power released in July found that anti-police protests were the No. 1 reason why fans stopped watching NFL games last season. Viewership of NFL games in 2016 was down 10 percent from the previous year, according to ESPN. NFL executives tried to blame the drop in ratings in 2016 on the presidential debates.

Kaepernick is out of football this year as NFL teams have refused to sign the quarterback. But this pre-season The Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns all had players not stand for the national anthem.

During the season opener, Seattle’s Michael Bennett and San Francisco’s Eric Reid took a knee during the national anthem. Many other players raised their fist in protest during the national anthem.

“We warned them!” said a Tom Gatchell on Facebook. “Consequences!”