VIDEO: NYPD Officer Makes Quick Joke to Heckler – SJW Completely Loses Her Mind

An NYPD officer triggered a SJW who was blaming Trump for the Charlottesville attack.

An NYPD officer triggered a SJW who was blaming Trump for the Charlottesville attack.

Donald Trump Protesters Lose It over Joke

An NYPD officer made a joke to the anti-Trump social justice warriors who were heckling him, and it made at least one lose her mind (video below.)

Thousands of protesters set up outside the Trump Tower skyscraper on Monday  anticipating the return of President Donald Trump to his home.

After being heckled constantly by the protesters, asking officers how they can live with themselves doing a job like protecting the President of the United States, one officer told protesters in a video, “I sold my soul for a badge. So you have got to keep walking.” He then pointed for the protesters to continue walking down the street.

The humor appeared to be lost on the SJW protesters.

“You sold your soul for a badge?” A woman wearing a purple-striped shirt asked, “You sold your soul for a badge? That is so sad.”

She had a meltdown when police officers started to clear protesters from the Trump Tower. The woman complained about having to leave and police just motioned her to move forward.

The woman thought one officer rolled his eyes at her.

“You roll your eyes because you are f—— weak,” she screamed at the officer with her voice cracking. “Because you know you are wrong! Because you think you are a man you can roll your eyes at a f—— young woman!”

The Washington Post reported that police had put sand-filled sanitation trucks as barriers around Trump Tower and there was also layers of metal police barricades around the main entrance.

Many protesters were there to blame the president for the terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia. The protesters spent the day chanting, “Shame! Shame! Shame!” and “Not my president!”

None of the protesters were able to see Trump, who arrived in his motorcade. The Washington Post reported that those who saw the motorcade took photos with their cellphones and also made obscene gestures.

You can see the videos of the joke an triggered SJW below: