New York Giants Player Has ‘Urination Celebration’ Directed At President Trump – Different Message For Military

Odell Beckham protested President Trump with a 'urination celebration.'

Odell Beckham protested President Trump with a ‘urination celebration.’

Odell Beckham Protests Trump Without Dragging National Anthem Into It

Philadelphia, PA – New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.’s ‘urination celebration’ for a touchdown at Sunday’s game occurred when he acted like a dog and pretended to urinate in the Philadelphia Eagles end zone.

He admitted on Monday, September 25, in a social media post that he intended for the gesture to be for President Trump, in response to remarks he made about NFL players who kneel during the national anthem, according to Fox News.  President Trump called the players “sons of bitches” and said they should be fired.

Beckham was interviewed after Sunday’s game, and when asked why he did what he did, said “I was in the end zone. I scored a touchdown. I’m a dog so I acted like a dog. I don’t know if the rulebook said you can’t hike your leg. (The referee) said I peed on somebody, so I was trying to find the imaginary ghost that I peed on. But I didn’t see him.”

He received a penalty for his “urination celebration” actions by a referee but not for his raised fist salute which occurred after another touchdown.

A. J. Willingham, a writer for CNN, asked in a social media post if perhaps Beckham was referring to the President’s remarks, and mentioned that he had referred to himself as a dog.  Beckham responded that “if u seen that, I have to tip my hat to u for thinkin outside the box. #URRIGHTONPOINT impressed.”

Despite his protest of President Trump, Beckham did not kneel for the national anthem.

In October, 2016, Beckham went out of his way to let the men and women in the military know how he felt about them.  Beckham walked the sidelines at U.S. Bank Stadium and shook the hand of each military member that held the flag during the National Anthem.

“The line was a little long. I didn’t know. I got halfway through it and I had to ask one of them, ‘How many is y’all?’ He said, ‘There’s a lot of us.’ I said, ‘Well, I really appreciate what y’all do,’” Beckham told Sporting News.

Beckham previously ignored NFL League rules and wore 9/11 tribute cleats on the 15 year anniversary, at their game in Dallas.

The Giants lost Sunday’s game 24-27.

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